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Everything You Need To Know About Dating A Year-Old Man As A Something Girl. By Laura Argintar Jan 7 Share. You know those girls And I obviously have the matching theory as to why to go along with it (naturally, it involves being the younger sister). Without going too much into my dating career, the main. 4 years is not a lot. It definitely won't seem like a lot in the long run. The problem is that the difference between a year old and a year old can be somewhat large. If you click mentally, then go for it. Just tread carefully, take things slow. Make sure you know this girl well before you take any unnecessary. Age of consent being 16 means that you cannot be convicted of statutory rape on someone who is 17 years of age. Her being under 18, however, means that her parents could intervene in your relationship and try to prevent the two of you from communicating.

I'm not so much worried about the legality it's 16 where I am I wouldn't be so much worried about the legal thing. I would be worried about the maturity difference.

So just take it slow and make sure she is genuine too, a lot of girls will date men that are older for priviledges such alcohol and rides. Garbage truck drivers here make good money union but there is a stigma that come with it obviously. Sucks to be you.

She may appear to be mature for her age, but the devil is in the details. It definitely won't seem like a lot in the long run. The problem is that the difference between a year old and a year old can be somewhat large. If you click mentally, then go for it. Just Hookup A 17 Year Old And Being 21 carefully, take things slow. Make sure you know this girl well before you take any unnecessary steps. There was a year gap between me and one of my ex's, but I'd known her for going on years.

I felt weird discussing the age difference with friends and usually avoided the subject entirely but I knew personally that I had something great. What a sticky age they're both at. If it was 32 male and 28 female we'd just ask him why he's even being weird about it.

That said, I have a bad feeling, and I also don't think he should bother.


My best friend started dating a 25 year old Hookup A 17 Year Old And Being 21 we were Thought it was weird for maybe the first year or so but we are 26 now and he's Age is but a number, she is more mature than he is on most nights!

Don't let the number discourage you. These two are engaged to be married. As was I, but I'm getting the feeling that this girl is in high school. If she weren't he would have listed it as a mitigating factor. She's too young for you until her 18th birthday, at which point she becomes arbitrarily old enough. I wouldn't say there's anything wrong with the age gap here though. It just depends on how well you two get along. Personally, it wouldn't work for me, but your mileage will vary.

But the issue with the age rule is that it doesn't take into account the maturity difference between an 18 year old and a 21 year old. A 25 year old shouldn't be dating a 19 year old. The rule's just an arbitrary justification for dating someone you know is too young for you. The rule isn't an arbitrary justification for dating someone you know is too young for you, it's an arbitrary justification for setting a minimum age to date.

There are 18 year olds more mature than me and I'm more mature than some 30 year olds. You have to choose who you date on Hookup A 17 Year Old And Being 21 person-by-person basis. The Rule of Seven only gives you a rough idea of your dating pool's age.

At the end of the day, adults can do what they want with each other, regardless of the age gap. I don't believe 18 is too young for 21 and I certainly don't believe 19 is too young for Even though the age rule sets 20 as the minimum age for a 25 year old.

I have known 19 year olds with more article source than 25 year olds. Numerical age is not the only factor.

Hookup A 17 Year Old And Being 21

Of course it's possible, but it is far less likely. You're right in saying that numerical age is not the only factor, and it's not about numerical age per se, it's more about the mindset of most people in high school. Sure, there's a small chance that this is one of those people who mature quickly Of course you are going more mature than you were 6 years ago. But other people might be more mature at 18 then you are at If they were at different ages it wouldn't.

The maturity levels at 19 and at 25 are worlds apart. One just graduated high school, the other could have their masters. There click here exceptions, but most would seriously question why a 25 year old is dating a teenager. If my 18 year old sister were dating a 24 year old guy, I wouldn't have a problem with it so long as he wasn't a scumbag and she actually likes the guy.

People change tremendously in their early twenties, fact of the matter is, most 18, 19, even 20 year olds aren't adults yet. They just graduated high school, probably still have friends there.

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A 25 year old is probably already established in their career, not being supported by their parents. Where do you hang out? The teenager can't go to bars or most clubs. If the cop feels like it, the 25 year old could get contributing to the delinquency if the 19, 20 year old is drunk.

There is a huge difference between that 25 year old dating five or six years their senior and dating someone five or six years their junior.

Hookup A 17 Year Old And Being 21

First of all, you're generalizing. Just because a person can have a good time going to a bar and drinking doesn't mean that's how everyone gets down. Secondly, the law is on my side on this one. People are mature enough to make the decision to go off Hookup A 17 Year Old And Being 21 war at They're mature enough to vote.

They're mature enough to sign legally binding NBA contracts. They're mature enough to be tried as adults for their crimes. The only real difference, in the eyes of the law, is the legal drinking age And that's only in the US, as it is 18 in most other Western nations. There's no compelling reason to think a 25 year old dating a 19 year old is inherently creepy or wrong.

Well good for you? What I'm saying is that I would have serious questions about a guy if I found out he was still dating teenagers. Likewise, I would never date one myself. I don't really give a rat's ass what the law says, I'm not prosecuting you, I just wouldn't date you. Plus you're most likely dating a high schooler. You're probably gonna get some grief for that. The practical difference between 17 and 21 may not be much because 18 is an arbitrary number OP could keep his hands off until she's done opening all the B-day presents when she turns 18 but people are going to make assumptions.

I personally feel most people should not seriously date until they have graduated or left high school at the very least. It's not that I learn more here that people who have graduated high school are inherently more mature or some switch gets flipped It's all well and good to learn how to end a relationship early, but why put yourself through that?

I mean, if she skips town on her parents to go to college on another coast, the two of you probably couldn't make a relationship work. So why try to force one now?

If only single women were afflicted the same way as the single guys described in this list. This blog was made up by a angry women out for payback or some young hating dude who thinks he knows the world. I see it happen over and over.

Even if it's legal I'm 21 as well, and here's my thoughts: I'm gonna be bored out of my mind talking to a seventeen year old. Even if she's mature, we're at such completely different stages of our lives that the distance will effect everything in the relationship.

Someone is liable to get emotionally hurt in such a situation, and I'm pretty sure it won't be you. Scott is 22, Knives is 16 or 17 don't know exact age, just high schooler. Knives emotionally latches onto Scott, as high school girls are wont to do, and he destroys her world when he breaks up with her for an older, more mature girl.

I have a close friend at that age we met when I was a senior and she was a freshmen four years ago source for a relationship, yeah that's weird.

This is what will happen. You will have a great time talking to her online, and she will never, ever, meet you in person. As a 17 year old girl, I'd say don't. There is other girls, and I know for me it's hard not to talk to every guy who gives me attention.

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You remember when ou were 17, and you were probably a lot different. I'm dating the most remarkable person I have ever met in my life and I started high school when it was his senior year. We met my first year of college. Everything is going well. It just depends on similar maturity levels. That's where I would draw the line. If she's not in college yet she's too young.

The age difference isn't much, but the fact that she's still in high school and you're almost at the age of being done with college, it's a whooooole different thing. I Hookup A 17 Year Old And Being 21 experience dating a younger girl like this, her still in HS and me in college. I thought it would be okay but the maturity difference was so big. Idk I'd say it's not worth it.