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For example, if you'd like him to meet your parents, ask if he'd be up for going out to dinner with them, but let him know there's no harm if he's not quite ready for that yet. Above all, keep the tone light and maintain open lines of communication. If you feel confident at this point that you want things to be serious, go ahead and . 29 Oct The more you hangout with your boyfriend and hear about his hobbies and what he loves to do, you can't help but compare him to your dad. There are two types of Maybe he was all about being honest and faithful to you, even when you were just in the “hooking up” stages. Or maybe he wanted to be. Finding and Keeping Love for Singles and Couples Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil, Harville Hendrix “You are too focused on your work, which makes you a great therapist, but why are you not in a relationship? Dr. Fogarty asserted, “Until you connect and do the work with your father, you will not be able to connect to a man .

Jessica Padykula is a freelance writer and editor in Toronto, Canada covering a wide range of topics for several online lifestyle publications.

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She is a regular contributor for SheKnows, covering travel, style, relationships, health and We caught up with lifestyle and relationship expert Laurel House to get her take on whether women really gravitate toward men who are like their fathers. You've likely heard the theory before that women end up marrying men who are like their fathers. But is it true? Yes and no, but there is weight to the idea and some reasons it can be true in some cases.

How you go here treated by your father as you were growing up helps shape your view of men in general and what you expect from them. It sets a standard, explains House.

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It is a standard that is set. If you were raised by a very caring dad who looked after you, took care of you and treated you like his little princess, you might now look for similar treatment from who you date. Am I respected and cared for?

House says that sometimes in the beginning a woman can be attracted to someone like their father faster than someone who is not. Mogashana believes that fundamentally, what makes a difference is your awareness — which can happen through coaching or counselling. I do feel lonely sometimes, but I think the world has changed and it's incredibly difficult to just meet someone genuine and normal. It's great—except that you have no idea where things stand.

It can set very high expectations and make it hard for women to find a 'perfect' mate because no one is as great as their dad. You might also make a point of steering clear of those qualities you might not have liked in your father, but the fact remains, those qualities did or do influence you.

Women often date men that have elements of their fathers, regardless of whether their dad was amazing or not so great. But that doesn't mean you'll end up marrying a man similar read more the man that raised you.

So just because you've dated guys like your dad in the past, meeting the right person, regardless of whether he shares qualities with your dad, can shift your perspective on the type of person that's best for you.

The pro to marrying a man like your father, says House, is that you already understand the type of person your husband is.

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However, this could backfire. House says that sometimes in the beginning a woman can be attracted to someone like their father faster than someone who is not. However, she is a firm believer that opposites attract too, so in the end it's difficult to predict if most women really end up with men like their fathers. We know they date them, but whether they end up marrying them isn't as easy to ascertain. The good on paper guy 5 Secrets to keeping the man you love 12 Things you didn't know about men.

Hookup A Guy Like Your Father

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Or are you looking for romance? Since day one he was obviously really attracted to me, but when we met he had just started dating someone else and he is still with her, so we never got together. I'm 30 and single. Previous studies have shown that women use their primary father figure as a template for picking a mate even if they are adopted, suggesting that sexual imprinting is led by experience and not simply genetic. When you're out to dinner, make sure not to constantly check your phone or dart your eyes around the room.

Share Tweet Pin Share. What would you like to know? Share Tweet Pin Share Tumble. It's not uncommon for women to end up dating and eventually marrying a man who is similar in personality to their fathers. But why is that? We have the scoop on why and where that relationship theory stems from.

Hookup A Guy Like Your Father

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