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I can't apologized for being who I am Oh oh I've done my reconciling I'm over- compromising I need you to see this my way And love me as I am oh oh And love me as, love me as I am Love me as I am oh oh And love me as, love me as I am I was rough 'round the edges I've tried to get ahead, just make sense Of this world I . The top dog seems to me this is no time to start lying here. On my back in this dirty street. Can't you save me as I am, won't you save me as I am in the nick of time. Death was making deals and in no mood for a compromise. Tom there's no place that God won't grace with his presence. And his love as he puts the challenges. I'm talkin' loud in deep ocean. I meant to be like this since I'm here. Do they even pay attention to hear me. As I am. As I am. They never stand for what their believing. They say it's okay to be silent. If it's fine why would they judge me like they know me. Anyway you're not gon' take me as I am. I'm fine with livin' I'm fine with.

Love Me as I Am

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You Love Me As I Am Lyrics

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You Love Me As I Am Lyrics