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6 Apr 'General Hospital' Stars Kirsten Storms And Brandon Barash To Divorce: What Happened To 'Maxie' And 'Johnny'? By Maria The real-life couple decided to call it quits due to “cliché” irreconcilable differences. The couple Storms, who plays Maxie, echoed their decision to split wasn't easy. “We went to. 27 Oct When they announced that they would be divorcing back in April of , GENERAL HOSPITAL actors Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Brandon Barash (ex- Johnny) also said that they would continue to co-parent their three-year-old daughter, Harper. And they have continued to do just that, spending time with. 5 Jun It's only been a few weeks since the US version of The Office aired its final episode. But the sitcom's favourite couple Pam and Jim Halpert had a little reunion in New York on Tuesday night. John Krasinski took his real life spouse Emily Blunt to see Jenna Fischer make a dramatic turn in Neil LaBute's new.

He is also a member of the Zacchara organization, previously run by his late grandfather, Maxie And Johnny Hookup In Real Life Zacchara although, Anthony was thought to be his father until early He was portrayed by actor Brandon Barash from The post applauded Barash for being one of the most talented newcomers and sharing chemistry with all of his costars.

In the spring of rumors began circulating that Barash had been let go from the series. The speculation was so strong that some of Barash's own castmates began to express concern and support when fans started a petition to save the actor's job on Twitter.

The show's newly installed executive producer, Frank Valentini later took to Twitter himself to dispel the rumors of Barash's firing. After almost a year of denying rumors, Barash revealed at a fan event in late January that he had filmed his last scenes.

Barash finally confirmed his departure via Twitter on March 5, On November 10,representatives at ABC confirmed Barash's return to the series in an unknown capacity, though, believed to be a story-dictated arc return.

Maxie And Johnny Hookup In Real Life

He made his last appearance on February 10, On October 29,Soap Opera Digest broke the news that Barash would reprise the of Johnny, set to appear sometime in early December He made his last appearance on January 26, Johnny lost his mother at age nine when she saved him from being shot by his unstable father, Anthony.

Now finally free of his sheltered life, he's determined to put his toxic family legacy behind him, no matter what the cost. Did we mention he defines the term "bad boy"?

Back to top Home News U. How Prince Harry became the latest royal to have a difficult encounter with the cheeky highland breed Keeping casual! Golden girl Sailor Brinkley, 19, stuns in sequin bikini for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue In the issue Bella Hadid obtains restraining order against stalker who 'threatened her online' and was arrested outside her apartment last week Shetland ponies: Click here headteacher who banned his pupils from Sonny learns that Michael was responsible for shooting Kate and actually ran away, but refuses to release Johnny until Claudia brokers a deal to use shipping lanes controlled by the Zacchara organization.

Upon his introduction inthe character of Johnny is described as the volatile loose canon son of mob boss, Anthony Zacchara Bruce Weitz.

The handsome, troubled, Johnny, described as a "bad boy with a good heart" is torn between staying loyal to his family and trying to maintain a sense of normalcy so that he can have a love life.

Nostalgia has brought the show back for a episode run that hits Netflix in February. The moment missing New York skier turns up six When Johnny tells Claudia he is responsible for the death, the siblings attempt to cover up the murder, but Johnny is soon arrested. Back when the show, which aired from towas still on, they'd spent plenty of time together off-set as well as on.

During an interview with BuddyTV, Barash admitted that playing Johnny often felt like playing two roles. An interview with Soap Town USA listed the similarities between Barash and his character as "handsome, driven, well-layered and well-spoken.

Barash also described Johnny as "brooding" and that Johnny always carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. As ofBarash observed Johnny as being "volatile" and almost "childish" in a lot of ways. Johnny is both sure and unsure of what he wants in life. Johnny is first introduced as Maxie And Johnny Hookup In Real Life troubled young man, when he meets Lulu Spencerthe girlfriend of Logan Hayes. For years, Johnny has been looked after by lawyer Trevor Lansingbecause Johnny witnessed his insane father, Anthony, shoot his mother, Maria.

Anthony now obsessed with keeping his son near him. Lulu continues to interact with the troubled young man, despite disapproval from her friends Jason Morgan and Damian Spinelli. Johnny sneaks into Nikolas Cassadine 's Black and White Ball, as his father is intent on killing Maxie And Johnny Hookup In Real Life to keep his son from her. After a confrontation with Jason MorganAnthony is paralyzed due to a fall, and Johnny takes over as the head of the Zacchara family. Disapproving of the relationship, Trevor tries to have Lulu killed, but Johnny is able to save her.

Tensions arise between Johnny, fellow mob boss Sonny Corinthosand the mysterious Moreau, who is revealed to be Jerry Jacks. After "Moreau" briefly kidnaps Lulu, Johnny is hurt in an explosion. Though Logan objects, Lulu insists on tending to Johnny, leading to Johnny and Lulu learn more here their feelings for each other.

Meanwhile, his sister Claudia Zacchara becomes more involved with the family business. When Logan reveals that he intended to frame Johnny as Emily's killer, Logan and Lulu struggle, and she puts him into a coma by hitting him with a wrench.

Johnny and Lulu finally make love on the Haunted Star, and intend to begin a relationship. Sonny kidnaps Johnny, mistakenly believing he is responsible for shooting Sonny's lover Kate Howard and kidnapping his son Michael. Sonny learns that Michael was responsible for check this out Kate and actually ran away, but refuses to release Johnny until Claudia brokers a deal to use shipping lanes controlled by the Zacchara organization.

The siblings are reunited in a waterfront cannery, but are caught in an explosion caused by Diego. After helping Michael escape from the warehouse, Johnny reunites with Lulu, who ends things with Logan. Claudia and Johnny decide to present a united front to take down their father, who's release from an insane asylum was orchestrated by Sonny's half-brother and enemy Ric Lansing.

The siblings also conspire to have Sonny killed, but their assassin Ian Devlin hits Michael instead, sending him into a permanent vegetative state. Believing Lulu can make his son happy, Anthony forces Johnny and Lulu to continue their relationship.

GH Stars Kirsten Storms and Brandon Barash Have Fun in the Sun With Their Daughter, Harper!

Despite tension between Lulu and Claudia, Johnny decides to let his girlfriend help collect information about his father to send him away to prison for good!

From Johnny's apartment, Lulu sees Logan attack Maxie Jonesand when he Maxie And Johnny Hookup In Real Life into the apartment with an axe, she kills him in self defense. When Johnny tells Claudia he is responsible for the death, the siblings attempt to cover up the murder, but Johnny is soon arrested. Lulu begins to become unstable, and she breaks Johnny out of the police station using a gun she brought and pretending to be his hostage.

They assume fake identities, but Lulu begins to hallucinate, Maxie And Johnny Hookup In Real Life that she sees Logan's ghost. When Johnny learns of the similar circumstances surrounding the mental breakdown of her mother Laura Webberhe takes her to Shadybrook Sanitarium for treatment. Johnny is found not guilty for murdering Logan, and Lulu begins to recover until she sees a note acknowledging her role in Logan's death.

With the help of her mother Lulu is able to recover, and the couple reconcile, though Johnny continues to be tormented over his role in Michael's injuries. Upon learning of his father's role in the second shooting of Kate Howard and his sister's marriage of convenience to Sonny, Johnny decides to sever all ties to his family business.

He moves in with new roommates Lulu and Maxie, and begins to search for a job. With no further education since high school and his known association with the mafia, Johnny finds no one willing to hire him, and during his job search he is arrested and charged with assault, a frame by Anthony in an attempt to get him to return to the organization. He is bailed out of this trouble by Lulu's father Luke Spencerwith assistance from Sonny Corinthos. Johnny's frustration over finances and guilt over his role in Michael's coma lead him to contemplate ending his relationship with Lulu.

He also considers having sex with Maxie to make sure the split is permanent, but the two are unable to go through with it. Maxie and Johnny miss another date to a club opening for Crimson to help Claudia get Ric's stomach pumped after she drugged him.

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Due to this, Lulu got article source call stating Maxie and Johnny never arrived, prompting Spinelli and Lulu to become suspicious. Spinelli confronts Johnny about the incident, stating he will fight for Maxie. Maxie called Johnny who told Maxie to make sure Lulu doesn't know what happened.

Johnny confessed to Lulu that he and Maxie had almost had sex during the blizzard. He tells her that he wants to be free to be who he is and that he doesn't want to have to apologize for everything that he does. He and Maxie later meet at the dock where he begins his next move of self-destruction, telling her he wants to burn down his life and does not care, now that Lulu is out of it.

Maxie And Johnny Dating In Real Life | VK

He tells her that he wants her. Spinelli later catches Maxie and Johnny engaged in a kiss. Lulu breaks up with Johnny, leading Johnny to sleep with Olivia Falconeriwho he began dating in May After Anthony is arrested, Johnny becomes a part of Sonny's organization, despite Sonny's hostility towards him. He tries to prove himself loyal to Sonny, despite all the setbacks. Johnny is constantly covering for his sister, including saving Jason from hitmen source by Claudia to kill him.

Johnny goes to Sonny's warehouse to cover Lulu's new boyfriend, Dominic'sshift during the carnival.

Maxie And Johnny Hookup In Real Life

Unknown to them, Anthony has sent his men to shoot down the warehouse. While trying to save Spinelli, Johnny ends up getting shot. Anthony is furious, as well as Claudia. He manages to recover when Spinelli calls the police and brings him to the hospital. Johnny tells Claudia to keep her distance from Michael after he wakes up from his coma in the middle of May. Claudia still tries to become friends with Michael and manipulates him to believe she had nothing to do with his shooting.

He confesses to Olivia that his sister was responsible for putting Sonny's son, Michael, in a coma, and Olivia reveals that she already knows that when Jerry told his brother, Jax.

Johnny is upset when his sister gets pregnant to protect herself from Sonny, and tells her she is headed straight for trouble. Claudia suffers a miscarriage when she is run off the road.

At first, Michael confesses to running Claudia off the road before running away. Johnny is furious when he finds out Claudia sent Jerry after Michael and tells her he's done covering for her. It is later revealed that Sonny's daughter, Kristinawas the one who ran Claudia off the road.

Claudia hates Johnny's relationship with Olivia, and this web page Olivia into breaking up with her brother. Johnny is able to figure out the truth, however, but gets nowhere with Claudia confessing.

Johnny then becomes manipulative and makes Claudia believe he's reconciling with her so that she won't know that he's still with Olivia. Johnny finds out from Jason that the proof that Claudia got Michael shot has finally been found, and Sonny will be told.

Before he can warn his sister, he is kidnapped by Joey Limbo, his father's henchman, on Anthony's orders so that Johnny won't get caught in the crossfire when Joey takes out Sonny. He is saved, though, by Morgan and Molly. After dropping them home, he runs to the Metro Court, where Sonny is having a birthday party for Claudia.

He arrives in time to hear Sonny rip into Claudia for getting Michael shot. Claudia ends up pulling a gun and takes Carly JacksSonny's ex-wife, hostage. Johnny, in an attempt to find Claudia and stop her, goes to the old Zacchara house, and runs into Lulu and Dominic. Lulu ends up getting seriously injured and Johnny calls paramedics while Dominic stays with her. The two of them manage to save Lulu, and when Johnny gets to the hospital, he finds out Carly has been found and brought to the hospital.

He is told Claudia disappeared, but he knows Claudia is probably dead. Maxie And Johnny Hookup In Real Life is visibly upset about this, and tells Olivia that Claudia was the only person who ever stuck up for him.

Johnny finds out Dominic is Olivia's son, Dante, and is an undercover cop. He is at an impasse about whether to stay with Olivia or tell Sonny the truth. He decides to let Dante's identity stay a secret so that Sonny will be caught for murdering his sister.