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26 Sep This is an online fitness chatroom for anyone. All FREE. I have been weightlifting with a trainer for a year now and I am struggling to lose weight and body fat. I work out 5 days a week for about an hour and twenty minutes. My trainer had me on a diet eating around calories a day consisting of about grams of complex carbs and around grams of lean protein. Ask our trainers a fitness question for free and we can include in our free fitness newsletter. We offer online fitness training.

I'm a 38 y.

If you usually go for the 5-pound dumbbells at the gym, it might be time to up your game. Start with eggs and slowly work your way up, adding eggs at a time until you reach your limit you'll know your limit. Something like a mild testosterone hormone because I am still 16 and to be honest a bit scared of the sides effects.

I've been having frequent skipped heartbeats as in irregular for several months. It suddenly started after just 3 weeks of a moderate exercise regime, but I wasn't able to get rid of it, even after stopping exercise. My question is whether you yourself article source experienced skipped beats or irregular heart rhythmand if so, how often did this happen to you, and do you think it was a consequence of your exercise?

Did you consider your irregular heart rhythm to be normal or not a healthy sign of your heart? Please also answer these questions with regard to your clients as well as other fitness coaches who have experienced this, without mentioning names of course. Thank you very much! Yes, I have had cardiac dysrhythmia irregular heartbeats. And yes, I have had patients and clients with it as well.

It is not uncommon, in fact it is very common BUT that does not mean that it is not a problem. I can't tell you why you are having them, or what to do about them specifically without more data.

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This is the same advice I've given myself and others. Go to your doctor and get the necessary tests done to get clarity on the issue. Tests Talk To A Personal Trainer Online most likely include blood labs, imaging, and other lab tests i. Do NOT mess around with your heart! It may be something easy and simple like you are dehydrated, or low in magnesium. Or you may be low in testosterone.

Or it may be read more far more serious We just don't know, until we know.

So go get more intel. Call and make an appoint now. Don't hesitate or assume it will resolve on its own. I have just turned 18 years old weighing 45kg at a height 5ft 2 inches.

I have not had my period in over a year now which is very serious and I have been repeatedly gone to see the doctors. This was due to weight loss. I have had periods which I have tried to gain weight then maintain weight. I have also gone through periods of binge eating then eating very little to make up for it.

I am very skinny from my arms and above my stomach however have a lot http://pokiesclub.club/online-hookup/31213121y-dating-31213121x.php fat in Talk To A Personal Trainer Online stomach area.

I need to develop a healthy relationship with food and I would also like to gain muscle. I was wondering any advice you could give me as I want to do this right.

Thanks for your questions. First, throw away your scale. It is only good at measuring the amount of gravitational force on your vessel at that moment. So unless you must make weight for a competition, a scale is useless at best and a detriment for most. Second, go get good blood work done via your doctor or labs in learn more here area ie. You will want all the basics, plus an endocrine panel testosterones, estrogen, thyroid, etc.

The book lays out a functional medicine approach for dietary changes. It is easy to read and understand. It has certainly helped patients in my practice.

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It's pretty much required reading for my patients. I don't care what you do, or what form you get it in Whether its lifting weights, using bands, bodyweight calisthenics, kettle bells, rowing, yoga, or jiu-jitsu - or a combination of things - it doesn't really matter.

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What does matter is that you make demands on your musculoskeletal system to http://pokiesclub.club/online-hookup/23812381q-dating-23812381c.php degree that it is stimulated to respond in such a fashion that it must get stronger.

If you are looking for at home training or a system that is proven to work on a variety of levels you may want to check out some of the TACFIT products, Primal Stress, or other products from Scott Sonnon: And finally, be persistent and adaptive toward your goals and remember that discipline equals freedom. I am very unhappy with what I see when I wake up in the morning and I hope you guys can help change that.

She placed in the top five in her first NPC figure By the way I can't afford to buy anything extra. Also I have extreme depression. But the deeper issue that brought you to where you are today, the issue that causes you to make bad decisions when you know better - must be dealt with. It's likely you are having a diaphragmatic issue.

Should I calorie cut? What workout program would you recommend? Since most workout programs are targeted for adults. Finally, what would be a weekly plan for me http://pokiesclub.club/online-hookup/50415041l-dating-50415041u.php lose body fat and gain muscle?

So I you please help, that would be great. Yes, most workouts are targeted for adults, and while you are not legally an adult I began training ie.

I've done martial arts since I was about 8 years old Train properly technique, frequency, intensity, duration, etc. If you have a knowledgable coach in your area he may go here you. The best martial art is the one you enjoy and will stick with for years to come. BJJ is definitely number one if that is an option. At 14 you probably have little to say with what food is being bought at the grocery store, but you can moderate the amounts you eat.

For now, begin training in one of the ways stated above, and if fat is not coming off then begin reducing what you are currently eating. Obviously no candy, no sugary sodas or drink i. From there, you can begin reducing grains or other carbohydrates. Keep it simple and you'll be okay.

You will likely find that your confidence will grow, and your unhappiness with your appearance will subside. Your body is simply a vehicle that moves the real you about in this world. There are plenty of people who walk around with ripped abs, but disgusting character. Focus on developing character, discipline, and kindness and it will all workout. I am a 37 year old female. I am 5'4 and currently weigh pounds.

I have been weightlifting with a trainer for a year now and I am struggling to lose weight and body fat. I work out 5 days a week for about an hour and twenty minutes. My trainer had me on a diet eating around calories a day consisting of about grams of complex carbs and around grams of lean protein. I was losing for a few months, I lost about 10 pounds but in the past few months I have gained Talk To A Personal Trainer Online of it back.

I am still following the diet he gave me but I am not seeing any results. I am starting a 60 day challenge at the gym and I really want to succeed. Can you please help me with a diet plan I should follow to help me start seeing some results and drastically reduce my body fat? Your calories are likely too high. Also for many people as we age we become less insulin sensitive, so your carb intake is likely visit web page high as well.

Not knowing your medical history, lifestyle, and preferences you may want to Talk To A Personal Trainer Online into something like ketogenic diets or paleo diets as a source of food plans. Give it a few weeks and see if you're moving in the right direction.

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If you are, great. If not, you may want to get some blood work Talk To A Personal Trainer Online to check your hormone levels Thyroid panel, estrogen, testosterone,etc and inflammatory markers i. All that said, rethink your read more of "drastically reducing body fat. Rather, think more along the lines of "healthfully and methodically reducing body fat. I am a 21 year old Female, weighing pounds and i'm 5'7 tall.

I recently gained so much weight in the past year, due to college and stress eating. So I decided to hit the gym in the beginning of March I have been loyal to going at least days a week. Since I have been there for a month, I decided to start burst training on the treadmill.

I know with interval training, I will be burning more calories at rest and gaining muscles as well as losing fat. I want to at least do it 3 times a week. How can I fit this into my schedule?

Also, if I do burst training one day, do I have to skip the next gym day, or can I go and work on my regular routine?

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Thank you so much! Not knowing your current progress and assuming you are moving in the right direction with your physique, your idea at the end of your question is a good one. Begin slowly incorporating burst training HIIT into your schedule. If your body i. Keep it up and remember that most people lose fat in the kitchen, not in the gym.