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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Nikko London

Mimi Faust (born ) is a reality television personality and businesswoman who stars on the VH1 program Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She first appeared as the long-time girlfriend of producer Stevie J. Contents. [hide]. 1 Early life; 2 Career; 3 sex tape; 4 Filmography. Television. 5 References; 6 External links. Londell Smith (born August 14, ) better known by his stage name Nikko London, is an American television personality, singer and record producer. He is best known on the VH1's reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Contents. [hide]. 1 Career; 2 Personal life; 3 Songwriting credits; 4 Discography. Mixtapes; 3 Sep )If you've been watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta you're aware that Mimi's boyfriend Nikko is married. According to the net th. Lives in New York She works at Webster Hall as a bartender. Extremely into fashion & enjoys funky, attention-grabbing clothes. She is a singer. Went to school for fashion design.

Atlanta aired on VH1 from March 6, until July 17, The show was primarily filmed in AtlantaGeorgia. The series chronicles the lives of several women and men in the Atlanta area, involved in hip hop music. It consists of 18 episodes, including a two-part reunion special hosted by Nina Read article. Atlanta would be returning for a sixth season on March 6, Michelledespite persistent rumors of a mass firing, [3] all main cast members from the previous season returned, along with Tommie Lee, who was promoted to the main cast.

Although not included in the initial cast announcement, aspiring radio personality Tresure Price, aspiring singer Estelita Quintero, Stevie J 's daughter Savannah Jordan and Tommie's mother Samantha would also appear in supporting roles.

On April 19,VH1 announced that Joseline's Special Deliverya special documenting the birth of Joseline 's child, will air between the season's eighth and ninth episodes on May 1, The series premiere garnered big ratings for the network, with VH1 announcing a combined rating of 5.

Funky Dineva, who has recapped the show for six years and appeared in early episodes of the show, slammed the storyline involving Sierra and Moriah as "phony and fake" and said executive producer Mona Scott-Young Who Is Mimi From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Hookup Mixers Nyc be ashamed" to put her name on "this garbage ass, fake ass, bullshit ass show".

Production on the season became increasingly troubled, with later episodes showing scenes of Joseline Hernandez and Kirk Frost breaking the fourth wall to express their displeasure with the producers.

On January 27,Bambi was hospitalized during filming, [14] and later confirmed to have quit the show due to her drama with Scrappy. Atlanta became the first incarnation of the franchise to reach episodes.

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The season opens with a heavily pregnant Joseline at war with Stevie over the paternity of her child. Karlie and Yung Joc have rekindled their romance, however she finds it difficult to forget his past treatment of her. Tammy has left Waka ; while she's focused of being single and independent, he makes big attempts to win her back and fight for their family.

Tommie is dealing with the legal repercussions of her violent feud with Joseline last year. At Joseline's masquerade -themed party, Karlie and Joc are shocked when they approached by a woman named Jasmine, who claims the father of her baby born a few months ago is Kirk and him and Rasheeda face the major challenges heading towards their marriage. Joseline and Stevie struggle over the paternity of her unborn child. Tommie faces legal problems because of her ongoing beef with Joseline.

Karlie and Joc rekindle their old flame. When a mysterious stranger drops a bomb, Kirk and Rasheeda's marriage is placed in serious jeopardy. The Frosts, Jasmine and her boyfriend Rod deal with the consequences of Jasmine's bomb drop.

Joseline and Stevie sit face to face for the first time in months and Joseline leaves the meeting with shocking news for her friend Melissa. Momma Dee and Ernest deal with marital issues.

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Tommie's out of jail, and meeting up with her real mom Samantha, and her surrogate mom, KK. Stevie gets a visit from a surprise guest. Rasheeda deals with Kirk's infidelity. Rod and Jasmine's unconventional relationship is revealed. Waka tries to make things right with Tammy. Tommie clashes with Karlie. Joseline attempts to resolve her paternity issues.

Tommie is mixing it up with new friends and a potential new man. The end may be near for Scrappy and Bambi. Karlie finds out some shocking details about Jasmine, which prompts Joc to reveal a big secret. Joseline wants to gather friends and asks for Melissa's help. Joc and Karlie go on explosive double dates. Tresure and Tommie face off. Kirk continues to deal with the fallout of his infidelity.

Noah's birth was documented in the fourth season of the show, after which Kalenna suffered from postpartum depression. Karlie Redd Cast Member. He is in a polyamorous relationship with both Jasmine and Keanna. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Moriah's married man is revealed. Joc confronts his ex Sina about her relationship with Rod. Joseline rekindles an old friendship. Stevie goes to great lengths to bring his family together. Stevie adjusts to being a new dad. Scrappy throws a party to celebrate his return to single life.

Momma Dee and Shirleen team up to pry into Kirk's affairs. Waka makes a grand romantic gesture to win Tammy back. Joseline is back in action after the birth of Bonnie Bella.

Rasheeda confronts her mother about Scrappy's party. KK convinces Tommie and her mother to give their relationship another try. Joseline and Karlie come face to face. Karlie and Joseline come to an understanding. Joseline goes to LA to co-host The Real.

She has two sons by him, Ky and Karter. Scrappy holds Kirk to the fire on the paternity of baby Kannon. Back in Atlanta, Jasmine gets an unwanted visit from her pesky ex-boyfriend. She first appeared as the long-time girlfriend of producer Stevie J.

Karlie seeks revenge against Joc. Dime reveals a secret about her love life. Stevie has a shocking proposal for Joseline. Waka moves back into the house but is surprised by Tammy's independence.

Rasheeda is source by a surprise visitor who has news about Jasmine's baby and seeks advice from a special friend. The guys plot against the girls. And the girls' trip to Jamaica gets off to a rocky start with uninvited crashers.

Who Is Mimi From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Hookup Mixers Nyc

Kirk and Rasheeda finally talk. Dime gets the romantic surprise of a lifetime. Back in Atlanta, Jasmine gets an unwanted visit from her pesky ex-boyfriend. Joseline reconsiders working things out with Stevie.

Who Is Mimi From Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Hookup Mixers Nyc

A phone call from home brings the Jamaica trip to an abrupt end. Rod checks Logan, but has questions for Jasmine. Joseline has a surprise proposal for Stevie. Karlie takes one relationship to the next level and destroys another. Stevie deals with the fallout from Joseline's botched apology to his daughters. Tommie and Dime agree to sit down to hash out their differences. Jasmine takes Kannon to get his DNA test.

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Kirk surprises Rasheeda on a cabin getaway. Kirk reaches his breaking point. Rasheeda is rocked by DNA test results. Tommie and Samantha try to deal with their issues. Here wants Stevie to join her in New York and fire Estelita.

Stevie makes a difficult decision. The drama continues with Joseline backstage. Things with KK and Tommie get heated after their social media fiasco. The cast discusses its Jamaican trip and what really happened with Karlie and Joc. Several cast members had their music featured on the show and released singles to coincide with the airing of the episodes. Joseline's Special Delivery is a special starring Joseline Hernandez as she prepares for the birth of her daughter, Bonnie Bella.

It aired on May 1, Joseline Hernandez also serve as co-executive producer. Joseline 's friends and family. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sade Jordan episodes 6, 9, 14—16 — Stevie 's daughter.

Dorian Jordan episodes 6, 16 — Stevie 's son. Sina Bina episodes 6, 8 please click for source Yung Joc 's baby mama. Dawn Heflin episodes 6, 8 — Joseline 's friend. Kermit Silva episodes 6—7 — Joseline 's brother. Scrapp DeLeon episode 7 — Tommie's ex-boyfriend. Eva Jordan episodes 11, 16 — Stevie and Mimi 's daughter.

Logan Bullard episodes 12—15 — Jasmine's ex-boyfriend. Kelsie Frost episodes 15—16 — Kirk's daughter. Ky Frost episodes 15—16 — Rasheeda and Kirk's son.

Mona Scott-Young Stephanie R. Joseline 's friends and family Kermit Silva — Joseline's brother. Yanira Hernandez — Joseline's sister.