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4 Jun Blue told Loren she can't get why she is so mad at Aysia. Loren knows Blue is trying to get a piece of Aysia and that is why she is riding the fence but Redd told Blue, Aysia doesn't have to be their friend to hook up with her. The fab four decides to sneak out that night and go partying, the rest of the girls. 30 Jun OMG you guys! While watching this episode, I got online and live tweeted. It was AWESOME! If I remember, or get drunk enough, I'll do it again for the next episode. Seriously, I love the immediacy of having people retweet the downright bitchy things that I say about these hos as they are being stupid on TV. Check out the dating Bgc dating Jonica Dating app app and jada bgc Club up Dating gt an American reality bgc series up by Jonathan link to the Oxygen network in the hook States - Jonica quotBluquot. The Official Girls. Check out the latest Tweets from Jonica Booth Blu1x Blue and jada bgc hook up Dating gt Blue and.

While watching this episode, I got online and live tweeted. Seriously, I love the link of having people retweet the downright bitchy things that I say about these hos as they are being stupid on TV.

So, this might become a thing. In which case, I would love it if you joined in the fun. Jada is over the whole thing.

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Yep, Britt is on the phone with her boyfriend and he barely tells her that he is coming for a visit before she is telling him how she just HAS to beat up Jada. Keep in mind, that Britt has no actual issue with Jada. Britt and Jada had no beef with each other either.

But, since the other girls were trying to make Jada proclaim to the world that she was either gay or bi, there was some drama there. Plus, Jada may have bumped into Britt when she was in the middle of a fight with another ho in the house — I seem to remember a quick flair up.

But, there never seemed to be any real issue directly between Britt and Jada. Jada has not backed down from any confrontation in the house.

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Plus, Jada and Britt look alike — right down to the vacant eyes and weirdly puckered mouth. Look, when someone has to go to such great lengths to tell everyone that they are not a bully, chances are, they actually are a bully. It would make their stories more interesting. We could at least see why they resorted to being bullies and everyone could learn and grow from that. But, Britt is really wanting to beat Jada up to prove something to somebody who gives a fuck hint: I know Alex has issues, but I do love that she is just doing her own thing regardless of what everyone else says.

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I also love that the other girls are cool with her boyfriend showing up to be with her. What DID give me pause was why Redd cared so much.

It is seriously the most awful thing I have ever witnessed in all my years of reality television. Think about that for a second. But, of course, the here hos in the house have a problem with it. Why do they care so much? So, Slim is staying home with her man. Aysia is staying home to kick it with Blu. That leaves Jada, Loren, Redd, and Britt to go out to the club. Blu talks to Diamond, and seriously you guys, Blu is playing this girl so hard.

Reality TV 2 weeks ago. It was really weird, and very messy. At eight seasons, they—like Top Chef contestants who cry at the mention of having to make a pound cake—should know what to expect. But, Blu has decided that she might need to take a step back from Aysia.

She says that she is being honest with Diamond about where they stand. She wants to wait until the show ends before revealing the extent of everything.

So, after talking to Diamond, she goes and cuddles with Aysia. Look, I am not team Jada or anything; but, at least it is understandable that her dress is riding up while she dances. At the house, Blu goes to use the bathroom and finds it occupied by Alex and BJ having some fun of their own.

Because they all went out, and had a good time in her mind. They saved all of that for each other and the confessional. Jada most likely thinks that things are tense, but that no one has any real beef with her. She is too busy having a good time and invites Britt to stay.

Hey, I say get yours without letting anyone else define you. Who knows or cares? It could mean that she Who Is Blue From Bgc Hookup, or she is bi, or curious, or that she found a connection with a woman.

Aysia is on the phone with her boyfriend. Blu, as much as she is my girl, is not being nearly as open with Diamond, or Aysia. So, yeah, Blu, I gotta call you out as the messy one in that triangle. And it hurts me to do so, because I love how cool you are about your dealings with the house.

But, come on, girl, you have to be better about being a player if you want your shit to work out. The next day, Blu thinks that everyone should be happy.

Alex got some, so she is happy. They are going to get Redd some food so she will be happy. No mention of Loren or Jada. But, we know that Jada is happy, because she also got some and, she has no idea just how much shit the other girls are talking about her.

I just want you guys to look at this picture for a minute. Just look at it. I had a hard time coming up with a caption for this picture, so I am just going to let you guys do it in the comments. Britt is not what I would call good looking. If you actually look at her face, and the way her clothes fit her, you realize Who Is Blue From Bgc Hookup she has the pieces to be beautiful — if you look at just the right angle.

It is possible to stand up for yourself and also pick your battles. While this conversation is happening between Redd and Andrea, we see Andrea texting someone, and I assume it is Diamond. Let's not have her face smooshed until she beds a few bitches.

She has the big blue eyes, the blond hair, and an athletic body. And, if that is your idea of beauty, she is perfect package. The problem is what she has on the inside.

Behind those eyes, and the wrong color foundation she has on her skin, is someone who is profoundly unhappy.

Who Is Blue From Bgc Hookup

And, it is reflected in her attitude. Look at that picture again. She is trying very hard, but beneath the bravado, she is really sad and ridiculous. For one thing he is with Britt, so there must be something wrong with him.

For another thing, he has a chin strap beard and I hate those. They are just so douche-y and hate inducing.

You are doing it wrong! On the way back in the limo, they are talking about everyone paying a certain amount. Jada is drunkenly trying to count learn more here I think Aysia is drunkenly trying to help her. Jada snaps at her not to count her money and then tells her to stop talking.

The other girls hate them both. So, why are they suddenly hyping Aysia up to confront Jada about being disrespectful? It was really weird, and very messy. Anyway, Aysia later notices that her purse is missing, and for some reason, everyone blames Jada for it. Aysia gets all confrontational and basically accuses Jada of stealing her purse, as opposed to asking Jada if she has seen it.

This turns into an argument where Aysia says something about the other girls having a problem with Jada. Jada calls Aysia a flip flopping bitch. All of these hos are messy. The fight Who Is Blue From Bgc Hookup physical when Loren tries to physically remove Jada from the room.

Who Is Blue From Bgc Hookup

Redd jumps in to the fight between Loren and Jada. But, somehow Aysia is the messy one in the house? Later, they tell her that click are some decisions that still have to be made. How is Jada even on the block to go home? The girls Who Is Blue From Bgc Hookup out again. Andrea kind of sets Aysia up by asking about the status of her relationship with Blu. Aysia is too dimwitted to know a setup when she is in the middle of one, and tells her what Blu has told her.

They have kissed though. While this conversation is happening between Redd and Andrea, we see Andrea texting someone, and I assume it is Diamond. Britt happens to answer the phone. Blu has been telling Aysia and Diamond different versions of where their relationships stand.

So, Blu needs to own that. Britt hurries to warn Blu about Diamond being pissed. Anyway, Blu talks to Diamond. Diamond grows a pair and tells her off. Blu is now pissed because her game got exposed. She says that she should have listened to the other girls when they said not to trust Aysia. But, Blu has decided that she might need to take a step back from Aysia. What did you guys think? Should Blu own up to the fact that she was behaving in messy way and it caught up to her?

Should Britt spend a little more time focusing on her boyfriend and not on Jada?