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Guy Advice: High School to College Dating!

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When you're surrounded by fewer potential partners, it's important to be more aware of the opportunities you do have to meet men. "A lot of women in their 20s tend to wait for the guy to make the first move," says Della Casa. "There are opportunities to meet men all the time, and men will approach you when you're. 5 Feb Instead of anxiously hanging around campus, hoping to meet a cute guy, try some of these tactics that'll make meeting him seem a little less hopeless. 27 Jul It's easy to spot a hot guy. But sometimes you have to be ballsy if you want to actually establish a connection. These tips will help you break the ice—and make your meeting memorable.

Forget about first exams and getting to know your randomly picked roommates…one of the most intimidating things to navigate as source newly enrolled freshman collegiette is the on-campus dating scene.

In high school, it was easy to meet guys who already lived in your hometown. Where can you find them?

Where To Meet Guys In College

How do you impress them? How do you avoid being dismissed by them as just another frat party-hopping freshman girl? So how do you get his attention?

Scope out a hottie at the gym. When you aren't in the same social circle as a sexual partner or you have a one-night stand with somebody you don't know well, you make yourself more vulnerable. Posted Mar 17 - There are plenty of ways to approach a guy in class. If you are looking for someone to read poetry with, join a literature group.

Katie King from Western Michigan University says that steering clear of the row upon row of frat houses and opting instead to hit up house parties can be a great way to meet older college guys and stand out from crowds of freshman girls. House parties are usually the best place to meet older guys. Be fun and flirty! Even if you know zip about the sport, take that as your opportunity to chat him up for info like Emily from the University of Mississippi did.

Where To Meet Guys In College

Emily met her freshman year boyfriend through her sorority sister at a tailgating party. So he tried to explain what was going on out on the field, we ended up talking for the whole game, and he asked me out.

Kema Christian-Taylor from Harvard University says that the common room in the dorm was always a hotspot for scoping out hotties. The great thing about dorms — and especially dorm lounges — is that there is always something happening right down the hall, whether a group of your guy hallmates are watching a movie or playing a video game in which case, you can show off your see more gaming skills at Mario Kart playing as Yoshi!

Dorms are a great way to meet, get to know, and hang out with other guys who are living in your dorm. If that broodingly handsome cutie in your chemistry class is making eyes at you across the lecture hall, spark some chemistry of your own by approaching him in class.

If so, you should hang out where most of them go to study or hang out with their friends between classes: Chances are, your flattered target will make his way into your territory. So use it as an icebreaker to introduce yourself. Sounds good to me.

Although it never went anywhere, I did enjoy talking to him. There are plenty of ways to approach a guy in class. As girls, we can be intimidated by asking a guy out, but being upfront and confident is always sexy. Joining as many social organizations as you can is the best way to meet guys who already share the same interests as you.

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It can be limiting being tied down in a relationship, anyway, and college can be the best time in your life to live it up as a single lady!

In the summer ofshe studied abroad at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge University, in England, where she drank afternoon tea and rode the Tube but sadly no, she did not meet Prince Harry. When not in the office, she can be found perusing travel magazines to plan her next trip, walking her two dogs both named Rockyor practicing ballet.

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Skip to main content. By Alexandra Churchill in Dating. Posted Aug 15 - Where to meet him: How to impress him Be fun and flirty!

Classes and labs or in-between!

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How to impress him Joining as many social organizations as you can is the best way to meet guys who already share the same interests as you. We make it easier! Sign up for our newsletter to get the best of HC delivered to your inbox.

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