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August 7, at Here's a link to a violin of his on sale in Japan, where the retail prices are very high. Make what you can of the computer-generated English! The standard of making in Cremona seems OK just now, and Locatelli's violin looks good.

The Viralist

I paid a maker a similar price last month for a new Cremona violin and am delighted with it. Whether it is "worth it" is hard to say. To sum it up: What a shame that any dictionary or thesaurus is out-of-date so soon after publication! I wonder what the violin referred to here is like?? And the maetro speaks! The violin that Brobst has is heavily antiqued - not shiny at all by the look of the photo.

It is in the 8 to dollar range. I'm going to bet its 10K Why is there nothing written about it on the Brobst site? I'm just a bit puzzled why they don't try to describe it at all. The article was just adduced as evidence that the Lorenzo Locatelli really does exist, and is not a figment!!

The Italians don't always come out on top in the Cremona "Triennale" click to see more. Myself, I have found Bedford Male Dating Experts Mistakes Synonyms For Happy satisfactory compromise between performance versus price in instruments that happen to have been made in Italy, but I don't know how an assertion that Italian made fiddles are nowadays automatically superior can be supported.

Luckily,perhaps, I never tried a Burgess or a Zyg, so will never know what I am missing!!

And all this efficiency and up-to-dateness —what did THAT matter, either? Wickett's, when the School bell clanged for call-over, brought them back to him in a cloud —Katherine scampering along the stone corridors, laughing beside him at some "howler" in an essay he was marking, taking the cello part in a Mozart trio for the School concert, her creamy arm sweeping over the brown sheen of the instrument. Pointer Pointer Pointer Pointer. I don't—umph—need to consider it. We are talking about marketing, and this type of branding happens all around us.

Andy, avoid any must-have, "designer handbag" syndrome, don't be seduced by ideas of "status symbols", keep feet firmly on the ground Bedford Male Dating Experts Mistakes Synonyms For Happy only buy if you really like playing the instrument on offer.

I love this site, you guys are awesome. I've been thinking about comissioning a violin from the Villa guys but after this experience I am hesitating. If you commission a Villa, you cannot be entirely sure how the instrument will turn out. As you have obviously just found out here are two prime factors - that of the instrument and that of the investment.

If you are buying it mostly so that it will accumulate value then you should approach it that way and get the advice of experts in violin 'assets'. But from what I read that is not your case - you want Bedford Male Dating Experts Mistakes Synonyms For Happy beautiful instrument to play - as I did. Of course that means if you do want to change you really are limited to the stock of that dealer - but at least you are not locked in.

Fortunately for me they had several modern violins and I finally settled on one by a Canadian luthier who lives right here in Toronto and has since become a friend, hows that for value added: And I still dearly love my violin - it has a unique and generous tone and I have the amazing honour of being its first owner. From the little I have seen value wise modern luthiers violin costs either stay quite level or gradually increase. Thus, they establish a market niche. I'm sure there are examples where the value went link but that seems unusual perhaps one of our luthiers here could comment.

I didn't mean to say anything about Lorenzo Locatelli, but more about other aspects of the article, such as:.

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The silver click went to a Chinese contestant, and four of the 12 competitors given certificates of merit were Chinese. Chinese luthiers have dominated the event since There are some very fine Chinese, and Chinese-American makers, but actually, 14 Silver Medals and 5 Gold Medals were awarded in that competition, so it's not like people from any one nation took first and second place, or dominated.

And Europeans happened to take the top violin awards at the instrument making competition held in China last year.

Bedford Male Dating Experts Mistakes Synonyms For Happy

Just for fun, here's a photo of me and my buddy Zhu, the one mentioned in the article, taken in Prague earlier this year. August 8, at I am sure David Burgess will agree that Balkan maple and spruce from the Val di Fiemme region can be obtained world-wide. Unlike my violins I am insufficiently good-looking.

What a great concept - how about a 'Luthier's calendar' for next year?

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Violin making hunks with their musical and artistic progeny Yes, we can pretty much buy wood from any region we want, so there is no wood source which is unique to modern Cremonese makers. I figured it would be safest to be friends with Zhu. I certainly don't want to just click for source him, because as you can see, he's a brown belt, and I have no belt at all. Italian ties all have pictures of expensive cars with funny names, like Lamborrari.

That's how the necktie experts can tell, but that's kind of a secret. The pictures of the cars aren't full-size either. And it is a pity also because I am shopping for an instrument that sounds great regardless of the maker but this behavior makes me suspicious.

Personally I wouldn't buy a Chinese instrument unless it is from a reputable Chinese luthier, period. Antonius StradivariusCremona. Using an Italian sounding name and labeling the items "Cremona, Italy" is absolutely unethical. The Chinese haven't succeed in business by being ethical look at all the recent cases of adulterated food and shoddy bullet train constructionbut by being practical.

We are talking about marketing, and this type of branding happens all around us. The fact is, consumers associate certain geographic regions with quality in certain products, and a company ignores such realities at their own peril. Some camera lenses made in Korea are branded with names licensed from German companies Schneider Kreuzach because they know that consumers have associated the Germans with the finest lenses, and will continue to for some time.

Clothing made in China is often branded with made-up Italian or French names. Perhaps some time in the future, the Chinese, like the Japanese now, will use Chinese-sounding names for their products.

But don't expect it anytime soon. Photos available of she and her husband also in the fiddle businessif enough people think it's interesting. The bottom line is I am a performer looking for a new violin. In both cases I think we all can agree I would be paying for a problem.

Bedford Male Dating Experts Mistakes Synonyms For Happy saddest thing is, the people at that store advertise those violins as Italian violins, how's that for ethics?

August 9, at It just takes time. It reminds me of when you used to buy watches 'Made in Switzerland' that came from Japan. They don't need to do that any more: The price of Bert Smith Coniston, England crashed, despite lots of prestigious endorsement some 50 years ago. Had he labelled his violins "Alberto Fabbro" maybe the price would have stayed buoyant longer! Andy is all too right to want to check out the "brand". An assistant in Beares London shop said "there's no substitute for an Italian violin" and I am prepared to stick my neck out and second this.

I have found in my modest purchases the desireable "timbres" that makers elsewhere find so hard to reproduce. For years I performed on a Vuillaume that impressed folk so much that when I met the conductor of an orchestra I had left he asked if I would rejoin along with my "wonderful violin" - yet though it was a good instrument from the playing point of view it didn't sound anything like any Italian fiddle!

Violin by Lorenzo Locatelli

Cat among the pigeons, folks. Haven't we lost sight of Andy's desire to know who Locatelli is and whether the price is in the right ball-park? I hope the digressions have not dampened his enthusiasm for the violin. After training, Italian luthiers usually work for a senior maker for some years before becoming established in their own right, when at first they have to sell at low prices.

Surely the dealer offering the violin has some information?? Anyone here played in that Requiem by Joe Green? I expect many have. So Andy is considering buying a fiddle by Lawrence Slightly-Loco?? Or maybe Locatelli are the smallest rooms. My Italian is not great.

Bedford Male Dating Experts Mistakes Synonyms For Happy

An Italian might get some training in the UK. An American might go to the German school. Some of the best Chinese makers have received some training in the US. One of the largest and best-known "post-grad" instrument making workshops, with attendees from all over the world, takes place in Ohio of all places each summer.

There's a rather high correlation between those who have attended this workshop, and those who win at the instrument making competitions. To give a better sense of how geographic region doesn't mean much any more, here's a link showing the results of a recent Italian competition. I don't know what the nationality breakdown of contestants was this time, but when I judged this competition years ago, the bulk of the entries were Italian, and I think a German got the top prize that year.

The same can be seen in the competitions of The Violin Society of America, Bedford Male Dating Experts Mistakes Synonyms For Happy is the largest and most respected international competition in the world close to entries last time:. Sorry, the VSA web site was recently revised, and the results of the Competitions after seem to be missing at the moment. All things considered, some of the most important factors are who specifically a maker has trained with, and how zealous they have been about getting feedback and input on their work from the right people.

Of course, as with any endeavor, how much natural talent a person has will come into play as Bedford Male Dating Experts Mistakes Synonyms For Happy. The competitions are interesting for another reason: Most people who offer maker recommendations really haven't tried that many. Musicians who judge the major competitions will have sampled a very large number, on that occasion alone.

I realize this fails to say anything specific about the maker in question I can't do thatbut perhaps it will help by giving some insight into the read article world today.