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10 Careers With The Highest Suicide Rates

Is Your Job Bad for Your Relationship? 15 Careers With the Highest Divorce Rates

This survey shows the top 15 Jobs in the U.S. with the highest divorce rate, based on an analysis of the U.S. Census data. The divorce rate of maids and housekeeping cleaners amounts to about 26 percent. 6 Sep Among his findings: Actuaries, whose job is to predict and manage risk and uncertainty, fittingly have the lowest divorce rate, at 17%. If you're more of a gambler, you might roll the dice with marriage to a casino manager—gaming managers have the highest divorce rate, at nearly 53%. As Yau observes. 5 Dec Career choice doesn't usually enter the conversation—but maybe it should. Statistician Nathan Yau used data from the U.S. Census Bureau's Five-Year American Community Survey to tease out which occupations are tied to the highest divorce rates, and he uncovered some pretty interesting trends.

Careers With The Highest Divorce Rate

But have you ever thought about the effect your work might have on your relationship with your significant other? Some jobs seem naturally more likely to cause friction.

Firefighter, military personnel and airline pilot all show up on Forbes list of the most stressful jobs ofbut do not appear on the Statista list of the 15 jobs with the highest divorce rate.

So what are the careers with the highest divorce rates? This category tops the list, with a divorce rate of Of course, dancing can be romantic and intimate. The environment and practice sessions seem to affect even those who are new to dancing. This is perhaps the least surprising profession on the list. After all, how does a bartender get the best tips, apart from providing excellent service?

Careers With The Highest Divorce Rate

Flirting comes to mind. Who did you touch today? Clients often develop a crush on their massage therapists, and sometimes try to date them, massage therapist Daniel Reinisch told Glamour.

If you want to make a relationship last, look for someone in one of these professions with low divorce rates. Statistics The 15 most dangerous jobs in the U. Chemical engineers Divorce rate: If you change your mind, here's how to allow notifications: Create relevant and significant statistics in no time.

When I worked as a blackjack dealer, it was difficult to keep track of who was dating whose wife or husband, and who was breaking up or getting together. The environment is one of gambling and partying, perhaps making it conducive to risky behavior.

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Gaming service workers have a Cage workers cashiers and money counters have an even higher divorce rate Is it a dangerous aphrodisiac? Some of the jobs on the Statista list are surprising. For example, why would extruding machine operators have a divorce rate of And who would have guessed that factory workers would get the No.

Occupations in the U.S. by divorce rate

Here are the rest of the 15 professions that might negatively impact your relationships, along with their divorce rates: How many people could be truly comfortable with all the kisses and bed time other people get from their movie actor spouses, even if it is just for the Careers With The Highest Divorce Rate Why are they on the list?

Do they come home too tired to contribute to the relationship? Whatever the explanations are, at least you know you may have to work extra hard on that relationship if you or your significant other is a roofer, telemarketer or porter. Some professions seem to be good for a see more, or at least not bad for it. If you want to make a relationship last, look for someone in one of these professions with low divorce rates.

From assessing stock options to reviewing taxes to making recommendations about retirement savings, financial advisors help clients make the most of their resources. Some professions seem to be good for a relationship, or at least not bad for it. The study analyzed data from the American Community Survey, and, based on the number of people in a particular occupation who had married at least once, calculated the percentage of people who divorced.

Marry an agricultural engineer, for example. Their divorce rate is an amazingly low 1. Here are some other professions to consider, along with their divorce rates:

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