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Gentle Liquid Formula Gives a Natural Feel. K-Y Warming Liquid is safe and gentle enough to use everywhere, including your pelvic area. You can easily apply the liquid wherever you want added moisture or a warming feeling, reapplying as necessary. The natural feel of the liquid lets you focus on your partner and your. The honey-based products are stickier and are usually applied for tummy play. Such lubricants are not intended or recommended for internal application. A small amount of the warming lubricant may be rubbed into nipples, ears, or other sensitive parts for erotic sensation. Warming lubricants are often used as a massaging. K-Y Warming Liquid Lubricant 1 oz. From the #1 Doctor recommended and most trusted personal lubricant brand, and vaginal dryness. K-Y Warming Liquid personal lubricant creates a gentle warming sensation on contact and helps to enhance intimacy and protect against the discomfort of.

It has no reaction with latex condoms or silicone rubber-based sex toys and vibrators. Being a water-based product, it has a thick consistency and a tendency to dry out during use but it can be reactivated by application of water or saliva.

The gel does not contain any spermicidal and therefore, has no issues when trying to conceive.

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It does not produce any stain and it is easy source clean after use due to its gentle nongreasy formula. K-Y is one of the most effective gels because it causes a warming sensation on the genitals immediately when applied. The product contains no smell and it is alcohol-free, which makes it a safe and ideal sexual lubricant.

Among the ingredients contained in this gel includes propylene glycol, which is commonly included on lubricants because of its viscosity, polyethylene glycol is a common lubricant and the hydroxypropyl cellulose is used as a thickening agent in foods production industry and can also functions as a lubricant. In addition, Tocopherol is an antioxidant nutrient that protects cells and tissues from damage by free radicals generated by chemicals and oxidized fats.

What Is Ky Warming Liquid Used For

K-Y Warming Gel is packed in an easy to squeeze, easy to use and hygienic tube. Read article ingredients and their formulation cause exothermic effects when I contact with the skin. This effect in turn causes the warming sensation when applied on the genitals. This in turn results in increased blood flow to the genital parts thereby accelerating the process of attaining orgasm. K-Y results are spontaneous, intimacy and protect against discomfort during sexual intercourse due to its vaginal lubrication feature.

K-Y Warming Gel is a result oriented product. Manufacturers have put a worth effort in manufacturing a female enhancement product that works.

What Is Ky Warming Liquid Used For

This gel offers the following benefits to women:. K-Y Warming Gel contains patented ingredients and a unique formulation that works. It is one of the female enhancement products that deliver its purpose when talking in practical terms.

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The desirable amount is applied to the intimate areas and may be reapplied as desired by an individual. K-Y Warming is packaged in a safe and easy to use tube.

Today we are going to talk about K-Y Warming Jelly and to check whether it works as it claims. K-Y Warming Gel contains patented ingredients and a unique formulation that works. It is a water-based gel with a thick consistency. It was a description of the product's function according to the producer's claims.

You can easily open with one hand and snap the cap close after application. The gel can be applied to the inside and the outside of the condom surface. Use this gel as instructed for ideal result.

Such side effects like irritation, itching and allergic reaction have been reported like possible unpleasant side effects of K-Y Warming Jelly. Unfortunately, I didn't feel any difference after applying it. Would you like to choose the product which hasn't been approved by the FDA? Its ingredients and their formulation cause exothermic effects when I contact with the skin.

If the gel causes any irritation or discomfortdiscontinue its use and seek medical advice from a doctor or your reproductive health services provider. Remember, K-Y is not a contraceptive and does not contain any spermicidal properties.

Therefore, you should care for your safety when having sex. K-Y Gel also requires care and should be stored at room temperature. It should be kept out of reach of children and should not come in contact with eyes and ears. It has relatively few side effects to hypersensitive individuals. Although this is the case, K-Y Warming Gel is worth in both performance link safety.

The gel has undergone extensive studies and field tests.

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The study results always agree with the manufacturers descriptions. Expert reviews applaud it for its performance and positive consumer results and responses. K-Y has not been in the market for a long time, but its results are what women have been looking for. X Advertising Disclosure The content that appears on this page are from companies from which this website receives compensation, which may impact how, where and in what order products appear.

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