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Autobiography: How To Sell A Movie Or Book About Your Life

Life's important events cause us to pause and ponder the importance of family and friends. Why not honor the event by publishing a story about the honoree's achievements, struggles, family history? Complete with photos, we can make a DVD to play at the event, or a book for a thank you gift! [find out more]. People ring us and say 'Write My Journey, the story of my life. I want to tell my life story as I want it told. Rose, create a beautiful book with photographs so all will remember me'. The saddest thing I hear is 'Wish I known about your service before '. The wonderful thing about Life Writing is that it is for all ages. Your life is. Hire me as your professional ghostwriter and be assured that “write my book” will no longer languish on your To Do list! I can help you achieve your dream want you to know that experience. I want you to feel that what you have lived and learned matters, profoundly, to someone you will never meet but who read your book.

I want to tell my life story as I want it told. Your life is your legacy and it is our mission at Write My Journeyto share your life experience with your family and descendants.

How to Pitch And Sell A Movie Based On Your Autobiography Or Life Story

The fact is, we are ghostwriters that write for you under your name, your story and your direction. Life stories are the soul of family history.

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Genealogy is the skeleton and photographs the flesh. Put them together and you have an amazing legacy that will really mean something. Each life experience is unique with achievements and challenges and is threaded with your personality, courage, and beliefs. It can take any perspective.

I Want Someone To Write My Story

Read our pricing page for more information. Contact today and take the first step in documenting your life story. Before you contact us, read your way through Write My Journey website. I did one book, then another, then another — and now I want to do yours.

I Want To Hire A Ghostwriter, But Don’t Have Any Money…

Just talk to us — how easy is that. Http://pokiesclub.club/hookup/43434343t-dating-43434343m.php do the rest. You will get to review and make changes to your manuscript before final printing. You can order additional copies for all those people who are going to want to read your book — and there will be quite a few. The books are written in first-person narrative crafted from the interview we do with you. We use your voice and words as much as possible.

Anon Ymous I had a c-section back in and was noted as an click surgery. I also have a life story of abuse. I help people bring to life the books they were meant to write. Thank you for writing it. We use your voice and words as much as possible.

We sprinkle editing dust lightly as our aim is to keep as close as possible to your oral story. You may invite another family member to add additional information to highlight parts of the story. The books are printed and bound by presses that specialise in small runs, high-quality work and attention to detail.

I faced abandonment and never knew how a healthy relationship would look like. I hope it goes well for you! How do you think we should worked it out. Or something like that.

It makes no difference if you live next door, across the land or across the waters. We work on Skype, Google Hangout, email and phone. A small dark photo found in a forgotten box ignited the most amazing photos.

I Want Someone To Write My Story

A group of friends together for 25 years recall so many wonderful memories. The journey from the homeland to a land of plenty and rich rewards.