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How To Seduce Your Best Friend… The 6 Truths You Must Know.

If you're in college, or you ever went to college, you're familiar with a phenomenon that's known widely today as "hook up culture:" the Western tradition of getting together for quick flings and casual intimacy with your friends. The way it's supposed to work is, you go out and get drunk, and you wake up the next day with some. 15 Jun In order to physically get with a person, it helps to meet in person, OK? This is not rocket sex science, it is a fact. So if you have met someone you like, do this one simple trick: Try texting them and asking them to hang out with you at a specific place on a specific day at a specific time. Come on guys, you got. Pure's goal is to get you laid within the hour, and if you don't do anything dumb, you should get laid within the hour. Here's how it works; you sign in, and create a profile that's basically just a selfie, and after that your mission is to find someone near you who wants to hookup. Each post you make is like a shoutout about you, .

Any of you guys tried to get a friend who sucks with girls get laid? How did it work out? He bitched out by telling us, " Why is the light on? Have her get naked and get in the bed then let me know. I shouldn't have to go in there and talk to her". Ya know, I never thought I'd say this was a reasonable statement meant towards someone socially off, but I agree: It's also a pretty shitty way to treat a girl, I think that's why people are saying he doesn't deserve to get laid.

Honestly I think it was a mix of pressure and stage fright.

He wanted to lose his virginity and it turned into a big group effort to find him someone. So I think he made those excuses at the last minute because he didn't want all his friends in the same house.

Probably would have turned out differently if they were alone. Years later we asked if he still wanted to lose it. He said it was no longer necessary because he banged a hot chick while at work and just never felt like telling anyone about it. But we met a woman at the bar twice his age who immediately wanted him when we told her he wasn't experienced. She didn't want How To Get Laid By A Friend to do with him after that night, just wanted his cherry.

Nowadays he's cleaned himself up and does alright. But she definitely broke him in. Straight from t-ball to major league. Stage fright was my first thought as well. I can remember a couple of years ago some friends convinced a girl to go up to every guy at the party and ask them to go to bed with her.

First guy's response was "I've got work in the morning". Wasn't even early work, just standard in a small town. He bitched out by telling us, "Why is the light on? We had a long talk and I pointed out flaws in his general mindset. He was really overthinking everything and I had to correct that. I took him to a party with a lot of girls.

Introduced him and alcohol did rest of the job. He didn't got laid that night, but at least he got first kiss. It's nice when they actually listen to the advice and don't reject it altogether without even trying.

I wish people on reddit would do that sometimes, instead of crying about girls being evil monsters from another galaxy.

One guy in college it worked.

It can be difficult to have feelings for someone and not show them, but they will eventually subside. Seriously, works every time. Mirror her body language the best you can to make her comfortable.

He got laid and passed through a mental barrier. Started getting laid a lot. Got the girl of his dreams that rejected him years earlier. Got married, has a kid now.

It is disturbingly easy. I also tell them he's rich. Most people never left the county and that's all they knew.

One guy it has failed miserably. He has "standards" that are too high.

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He can't grasp flirting and the way he talks to people in general is off-putting. He has spent far too much time obsessed with one woman who is unavailable. As in she has a boyfriend. No end in sight unfortunately. If there was a button that I could press that would allow me to lower my standards to the point where I would find any girl attractive, I would press it in a fucking heartbeat.

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She smiles and moves on to me. She smiles and moves on to our derpy friend. Then he fucking stands up, and starts to awkwardly try to dance with her. Like the whitest uncle at the whitest family wedding reception with the whitest DJ on fucking Earth.

How To Get Laid By A Friend

With that much money, Lady Liberty is his stripper Why would you think this was a good idea? Strippers would probably make him more awkward than average women. It seems as though your strip club experience has differed from mine.

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I am by no means an aficionado as I have visited them only rarely, and that many years ago in the late 90s and s. Anyway, when I went to them, the girls were all nice, and flirty, and would talk to you. They'd work the floor when not on stage, looking to earn via table click here and trips to the VIP room. And you could have conversations and shit. It took the "build up the courage to talk to a girl" and replaced it with a known quantity, a sure thing, a girl who would flirt with you and talk to you and be nice to you because the tables are turned.

In the real world, she's holding all the cards because she has something you want, and I'm not talking about pussy, though How To Get Laid By A Friend probably a late stage of the game.

How To Get Laid By A Friend

I'm talking about time and attention. I think he meant that the way you treat How To Get Laid By A Friend is immensely different than the way you treat normal women who aren't paid to be stripping for you. I mean I get what he was saying.

I'm just saying we weren't there to learn how to talk to women or even how to holla at bitches. We were there to build the dude some confidence, to have him talk to a pro or two who would be nice to him and all that. Again, we were young and dumb and maybe it wasn't the best of ideas but it happened so what're ya gonna do? Strippers will make the most awkward, derpy guy in the world feel like a king.

That's how they make their money. The particular stripper in this story was very bad at it. Yeah the dude needed help and wouldn't listen to us. Super, super fucking nerdy, but a sweet guy. No neck-beardy angst or hostility. No m'lady bullshit, no "chicks only like assholes" nonsense; he like, he knew he was shy and awkward and didn't blame society for his shortcomings.

He was fuckin gross though. Like, didn't trim his fingernails, fat, didn't shower regularly so said long fingernails were fucking nasty, didn't brush his teeth, no sense of style whatsoever, not that it mattered because again, fat and derpy and sloppy so he'd a cheeseburger and get a stain on the belly of his shirt and wear it the next day.

The strip club trip I think ended up helping because we kinda gave him a makeover, like, take a fucking shower, you're disgusting. I know you just got back from the dentist and had your teeth cleaned but you still need to brush your goddamn teeth because that was fucking yesterday God I swear you're at least half retarded!

Okay, comb your hair. Now trim your fucking gross as nails. Where's your dad I need to How To Get Laid By A Friend him. That's what this little thing on the clippers is fo- fuck me is this a straight edged toenail clipper? No no no, use this for your fingers. Do you have any jeans? Good put those on. Okay now, wear this t-shirt. Wear this shirt over that. Now wear these shoes, not those. I'm about to get racial here and I'm sorry in advance but dude was just super fucking Jewy, you know? Like Kyle's cousin Jewy?

Allergic to everything and fussy and awkward and all that, with none of the benefits. Even with all our help he was still just fuckin LIke, we could not get him to not slouch no matter what. Just would stand like bluuuuh, letting the shoulders sag and gut hang out and basically How To Get Laid By A Friend like he was hung on a hook.

But at least he was clean and dancing click at this page aside it was a good night for him. His hygiene improved somewhat after that night but only for "special occasions". It's sad, really, but whatever works. But yeah I hear she runs his shit like Dr.

Faggot's gf in The Hangover. How do people do this? If I don't shower or brush my teeth I feel disgusting and I'm sure I must stink so I wouldn't be going out like that.

It is disturbingly easy. I was a long haul truck driver years ago. In the course of a year I went form showering 6 days a week to twice and occasionally once a week.