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Post Grad Problems | How Do Couples Figure Out When Their Anniversary Is?

15 Oct A guy friend just asked me if celebrating the one-month dating anniversary is something girls expect. Here's my dating advice (tell me if you agree). While we were dating, but before we were married, we would just celebrate both the 4th and the day we first met/our first date (we met online when he set up an OkCupid account to make friends before moving to my home state). We never did anything big. 4th of July was spent with his family at a BBQ and. 2 May You could also be “talking,” which is a bullshit phrase that encompasses anything from “we've been messaging on Bumble for three days” to “we're celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary next month.” Basically, it's a clusterfuck. And to add to all that confusion, any one of these relationship stages could.

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Which Anniversaries To Celebrate When Hookup

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Which Anniversaries To Celebrate When Hookup

While men can still offer input, if your view conflicts with a woman's, we ask that you do not downvote or invalidate her response. Odd question but when dating someone is the anniversary day the day you met, your first date, or read article day you officially start dating?

For me, it's always been whenever we have the talk where we determine that yes, we are together in a relationship and not just dating casually, and we are not seeing anyone else unless we were in an open relationship. My boyfriend and I met, started dating, and were "in a relationship" all within a month so I go by the day we met because it's the easiest to remember. If you've been friends for years prior to dating the day you met might be an odd choice, but it's really up to you and your partner.

We use the first time we had sex. We decided that we were together a couple of weeks after that, but we don't remember that date. So we just use the one for when we first fucked. We dated briefly, broke up, remained friends and then became roommates, then started dating seriously a year later. Neither of us could remember the specific date, but knew it was in July. So, we picked the 4th to celebrate, because that way it automatically came with fireworks.

We never did anything big. On the Which Anniversaries To Celebrate When Hookup or click at this page of September we would go out to eat. For some reason it started being for Indian food. I had never had it before I met him, but now we both love Indian food. Eventually we moved away from his family. For that year we celebrated the 4th of July by going out to eat at our favorite Indian food place.

We quietly wished each other a happy secondary anniversary in September. Then he proposed on the 28th of December. With the paperwork already filled out confident, and totally correct, dude.

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We originally planned to get marred on NYE again, it came with fireworks but the courthouse wasn't open. We ended up getting married in Vegas a Which Anniversaries To Celebrate When Hookup later on the 30th of January. We are currently coming up on our one year wedding anniversary. Our plan has been since our first honeymoon to return to Vegas every year on our anniversary for a mini supplementary honeymoon. We still love Indian food though so if I'm remembering correctly we went out to eat on the 4th of July this year anyway.

We reminisced about the first time we met in September while on our way to do something unrelated. I literally only remember the day we started officially dating. Thank god we got married on that anniversary. Even then, I can never remember our marriage year. We celebrate the first time we ever spent time with one another outside of our office. So although we didn't have a "date" that day we went out as friends and is when we realized we Which Anniversaries To Celebrate When Hookup to be with one another!

So that my friends is cause for celebration! But these other events you mentioned day you met, first date can be celebrated as well.

It's a lot of extra dates and details to remember, but I am sure your SO will appreciate the effort. Just don't forget the date you actually started dating! I think different couples will define it differently.

With me and my bf, the first date and the day we became a couple are the same day, so that is our anniversary. The day we met isn't because we were friends for a time before that. Article source celebrate our anniversary on the anniversary of the day we both knew we wanted to be with each other, which was about here month before making it all official.

1st Wedding Anniversary: Ideas and Symbols

And you don't have to agree. I go with our first date because it's the only actual day I can remember day after valentines, which is why I remember.


Actually the day after we started calling ourselves official, cause the 5th is better than the 4th In our own heads. He asked me out between Christmas and NYE and decided that was too busy a time of year, so we should make it 3 weeks before when we first started talking instead.

You can just choose which one you want to go with. My boyfriend and I use the date he asked me to be his girlfriend as our anniversary.

Personally, it's the day we started our relationship.

The guy doesn't care. Well, of course they should -- in theory. I mean like, really like you"which was a while before the date he uses.

We didn't go on dates before that anyway. Usually it would be the day we officially went exclusive, but sometimes there either isn't an exact date or either of us can't remember it. For my current relationship, we chose the first day we met since becoming official kind of just happened. My husband is my high school boyfriend. I read article remember when we first met, we spent about 6 months bickering, and never went on an actual date before he asked me to be his girlfriend.

So I use the day he asked me to be his girlfriend. For us, I consider it to be the day we met because I don't really remember the specific date we became "official". Plus it's an easy date for me to remember. While dating, we celebrated the date I moved in.

We ended up getting married in Vegas a month later on the 30th of January. I feel like in most relationships these things kinda evolves over time and aren't a one moment happening. Mine was just finalized Aug.

Now we're married, though, so while we went out to a nice lunch on the anniversary of the move-in date, we're going to have an actual wedding anniversary on the date we got married.

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This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Want to add to the discussion? My boyfriend and I had a discussion about ours. In my relationship those are all the same thing. It was when we moved from being friends to something more.