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Changed the wall ceiling fan switch, fan still has only one speed. Tried it differently by adjusting the pull chain, still only has one speed should have three. As long as your ceiling fan does not come with a remote control and just has switches on the fan and wall, the culprit maybe your ceiling fan speed switch. With a simple replacement, you should be able to get all 3 speeds again. Depending on how it is wired up, you'll first need to disconnect power and remove the housing holding the fan speed switch.

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This is where knowing how and where the wires that go to your existing fan speed switch is important. Take a picture or draw a go here showing where the wires go into the switch so you can successfully wire up the new one. Depending on what your ceiling fan is, a good many have single-capacitor fan speed switches, shown below After reinstalling your speed switch, make sure that all 3 speeds are functioning properly.

More often than not, this is the reason why fan speeds suddenly quit working. Although there maybe other culprits such as replacing the capacitor or loose wiring, replacing the fan speed switch is the first thing to troubleshoot your ceiling fan speed problems. If it is a Hampton Bay fan or one you bought from us, you can also contact them for any further information such as information and replacement parts.

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From clockwise where the pull chain starts, the old switch was L, 3, 2, 1. The replacement GE switch was 3, L, 2, 1. Thanks for the suggestion but it didn't work.

One And Only One Speed Hookup

Hamption Bay fan The light kit works but still only one speed. From what it sounds like, your replacement switch was not exactly the same as your old one. It may also be a case of having one wire being inserted in the wrong location, but as stated before, it sounds like it was a different switch.

One And Only One Speed Hookup long as you have had no safety issues, you can still use this switch, but if you would like to use another replacement switch that has the L,3,2,1 settings to ensure you get the same settings back, you can do that. As I stated in the original answer to your question, if the fan speed replacement still didn't do the trick for you, you can still refer to the items and steps that I wrote in the post.

You can replace the capacitor out, if you have access to it, and see if that solves your fan speed dilemma. Also, you can contact Hampton Bay to see if it maybe under warranty or for other trouble-shooting tips. To find the true model number information, there should be a sticker placed on top of the ceiling fans housing.

My Heater in my car only works on one speed. How to fix.

You don't have to take the fan down to see it, unless it is a flush-mount install. The sticker should give you all the information you'll need model no.

I'm sorry the replacement of your speed switch didn't solve your problem with your ceiling fan. But inspect the model and make of your fan at the top of the motor housing and hopefully you'll be getting the right solution for your fan.

The correct replacement switch for your Hampton Bay fan is not available from Home Depot. The replacement switches that are available connect only one contact at a time that changes as you pull the chain. The manufacturer for this fan is gone out of business and there are no replacements parts available. You may be able to purchase replacements parts at eceilingfans.

I went to the suggested click site. I replaced the fan switch a couple One And Only One Speed Hookup years ago when it stopped working on High and Low.

The pull chain gives Medium, Medium, Off, Off. It didn't work, or it worked for a very short period of time. So, today, two years later, I replaced the switch again, thinking the original replacement switch went or was bad. I bought the switch some time ago and just got to it today. The point is, this new replacement switch looks like and is wired JUST like the older replacement switch.

One And Only One Speed Hookup

But, I am thinking maybe I messed up the other replacement. In fact, when I opened the housing, it looked foreign, like I had never opened it before. I guess too much time has passed. Fan still seems slow on high, but there is now a difference between high, med and low. Sign In to join the community Source. Customers Show Off Project Ideas: Garden Club Project Ideas: Indoor Decor Project Ideas: Outdoor Living Project Ideas: Ceiling fan has only ONE speed.

Not what you were looking for? Try posting a question. Like 0 Comment 8 Stay updated Report. We get this question frequently here on the community, and hopefully should be an easy fix. I hope this helped you out, and let us know if you have any further questions.

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The manual lists as the part number for the three speed switch. I have a similar issue. So, is it possible that I reversed wires on the original replacement?

Here is what I have connected right now: