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Royal Canadian Air Farce

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Mastercard Sub New Mastercard commercial targets Canada 's troubled submarines. Channel 10 Report News anchors focus on over substance. Topics include — Florida presidential voting concerns, eight out of ten countries support Kerry over Bush, Afghanistan have yet to finalized, gouging Flu Vaccine price in U.

Ken Dryden Ken Dryden goes on and on, as to why he decided to enter the world of politics. Royal Canadian Air Farce. Watch your favorite shows click here Prime Video. A celebration Cat Hookup Profile Pepperoni Bread In Bundt the late Roger Abbott's career and the wide variety of characters he played over the years.

New Year's Eve Special This one-hour New Year's Eve Special gathered up many of the best segments of each show in the year Special Forces Briefing Nancy Wilson: Episode Season 9 - Episode 9. American Special Forces in Afghanistan learn whack-a-Laden as part of basic training. Bin Laden is fast and crafty, and you do not know where he will show up next. Conrad Black Fairy Tale: The Rivera Brothers get involved in the war situation and they must search for Osama in a cave. Sister Bonaventure - Expos: A doctor licks his cross-dressing cravings when he uses the new product, DragoDerm.

An Antiques Roadshow art dealer learns a picture is worth a thousand lies. Episode Season 9 - Episode Paul Martin has difficulty figuring which loonie is in more trouble, the Canadian dollar or Linda "Skunkhead" Sims. Wally and Junior experience stamp rage. A Postcard from John Manley: The president of Ford begins to lay off some of the workers including a down-sized Ford crash test dummy encounters his biggest fear - unemployment. Chretien is interviewed about his visit to the White House.

Cat Hookup Profile Pepperoni Bread In Bundt

Stockwell Day gives his opinion on the other runners for the Alliance Party and explains that he would be the best leader. Mansbridge - Senior Citizen Driver: Peter Mansbridge has a conversation with a year-old senior about seniors driving on the streets. The Confused Philosopher asks more of life's unanswerable questions. Beavertone News - Submarine Leak: A submarine commander discovers he's wet behind his ears, and his feet and his waist Ralph Klein - Education: After going through rehab, Klein hits the topic of Education in Alberta.

Grumpy Old Politically Incorrect Men: A couple of seniors have outgrown political correctness. Coach's Corner's new seven second delay. A woman attempts to bring her husband out of a comatose state brought on by the hockey strike. Aging hockey star deals with Erectile Dysfunction. What the lockout means to the Toronto Maple Leafs, discovery of an hockey painting Cat Hookup Profile Pepperoni Bread In Bundt the sport may have originated in the U.

Haley Wickenheiser proves she's man enough to play with the ladies. Gary Bettman and Bob Goodenow go tongue to tongue. American National Anthem click to a different tune. NHL players take a shot a delivering the mail. Number 99 still has meaning for Wayne Gretzky — it's the number of products he's currently endorsing.

Cat Hookup Profile Pepperoni Bread In Bundt

Hockey players worried about the economy. Episode Season 9 - Episode 5. Health minister Allan Rock goes on genetically modified food frenzy. The Sopranos contains extreme violence, coarse language and men with high voices. Tony Blair is interviewed about the war situation with George Bush against Afghanistan. He explains about non-action and action, spoken like a true politician.

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He promises to attack terrorism with his country's most threatening weapon - The Royal Family. Two anchors talk about different things occurring in the world including the death of the famous, Bongo the Lion.

Cave fever has a delusional Osama bin Laden singing for his supper. Sending a video of him singing about himself being able to attack the United States and what he is doing right now, hiding in his cave. Military Affairs Analyst Gwynne Dyer highlights things to watch out for in your mail because anthrax may be present. Crossing Over - talking to dead people for fun and profit.

Season 9 Premiere Season 9 - Episode 1. Bush thanks all the countries that were in the coalition with the United States against terrorism, but forgets about one important country, and learns the hard way that "C" stands for Canada. New Digital Channels, Part 2: New Digital Channels, Part 3: Joe Clark and Nancy Wilson: Joe Clark discusses the defection of former Alliance members to a coalition with the Progressive Conservative party.

Health Check, Part 1: Health Check with Dr. Today's topic deals with the treatment of asthma. Our national anthem gets a politically correct facelift and becomes a patriotic, non-specific gender-neutral collection of inoffensive sentiments. Episode Season 9 - Episode 8.

Harry Potter merchandise makes your Cat Hookup Profile Pepperoni Bread In Bundt all magically disappear. There are many useless items on sale, for hundreds of dollars, now at local stores, and you must watch the movie againa dn again and again. Critic - New TV Season: Bush performs his new song on the situation with Osama bin Laden and like the saying goes, "War is Party!

News From Away - Opening: Airport line-ups keep growing and growing. John Manley tries to put a positive spin on Canada's airline industry. A pilot learns never to drink six cups of coffee before entering a locked cockpit.

A lonely travel agent will do anything for some attention. Canada's newest airport security detector is a real bang with passengers. The Jimmy and Shamus Air Travel quiz. Joe Clark reminisces about Lester Pearson. Air Flying Beavers - where the bingo dabbers and smokes are free.

Transport Minister David Collenette gives Canada's airline industry the thumbs up.

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Westjet employees are dropping like flies. A Canadian Alliance backbencher has trouble focusing on Canada's airline industry.

January 27, Season 13 - Episode Global Maritimes does their six o'clock newscast, but funding cuts make it difficult. Autonomous cars are not ready for prime time.

Air Canada customer service rep handles a passenger with kid boxing gloves. Adrienne Clarkson highlights the perks of flying Canadian. Tai Chi Airport Security: Tai Chi security guard utilizes all the right moves.

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Joy Thoms speaks with Dr. Heather O'Brien about the largest challenge facing the medical profession. Episode Season 9 - Episode 3.

What do I owe you, Paulie!? Show him the results of his IQ test first. My check is apparently lost in the mail, dammit. Guest star Megan Follows helps introduce the show.

A Ukrainian military representative explains travel safety, with simultaneous english translation. John Manley's Immigration Test: Immigration Minister John Manley announces a new security measure: Martha Stewart creates a clone using household items. A commercial on a smoking patch that really works, which was edited two times. Sportstalker Michael Landsberg gets Elizabeth Taylor whipped into a frenzy.

Episode Season 12 - Episode Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me's all-male movie review. The fastest newscast anywhere reports on Quebec liquor strike over, Edmonton Police fire chief, U. Beauty cream link no lies.