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What It’s Like to Be Gay in the Ultra-Masculine NatSec Community – Foreign Policy

She works for advocacy group that pushes for smaller government and described a situation in which college-aged women see Republicans as “a bunch of prudish, anti-sex, anti-reproductive freedom people.” Paige suggested Republicans create a bumper sticker that reads, “We Like Sex Too.” After a moment's pause, this. Find and save ideas about Anti hillary bumper stickers on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Anti hillary, Hillary clinton republican and Funny hillary clinton. 15 May Here's why: when you really stop and think about what bumper stickers are, at their very core, they are markings that identify the interests of the driver of “ John Boehner Sucks”. “MSNBC Sucks”. “O'Reilly and Hannity Suck”. “Mitch McConnell is a Bumbling Old Fool”. “Democrats and Republicans Suck”.

Colleges and university bumper stickers. I have never, in my entire life, seen anyone walking around with a Mitt Romney T-shirt.

You are one of the most miserable human beings I have ever encountered. There ARE other blogs out there. I can handle pain until it hurts.

So why the hell do we put these things on our cars? Are we trying to start some sort of conversation? The funny thing is, bumper stickers never start a conversation, because nobody notices them. Not a thumbs up. I suppose someone could be back there talking about it with a friend. Is that the goal of my sticker?

College Hookup Gay Republicans Suck Bumper Stickers

To inspire random people to discuss it, completely unbeknownst to me? The funny thing is that the bumper sticker is a phenomenon entirely limited to North America. You see them in the States, and you see them in Canada, but source can spend an entire week in Europe and not see a bumper sticker aside from the common international oval country code. They only care that you move your tiny, silver diesel hatchback out of the way so they can drive past you in their tiny, silver diesel hatchback.

College Hookup Gay Republicans Suck Bumper Stickers

Do you use bumper stickers? Do you understand why other people use them? Do you ever approach people in parking lots because of their bumper stickers? I understand why people use bumper stickers in the first place: Or maybe they support OK Go.

Or the Outer Banks. But why the hell do you want unknown random humans behind you in traffic to know you feel this way? Zilshepper Catholic School Choir? Is that the reason for the bumper sticker?!

When I ordered the Verano, I had them write it into the contract to not put anything on the car. Especially glad I did, since that dealership is more of a lemon than the car. We had them remove it from our car as well. Unless they wanted to pay us ad revenue on a per mile basis.

The idiotic dealer paper is actually a nice buffer between College Hookup Gay Republicans Suck Bumper Stickers plate and the car, plus only someone removing the plate would see it. It can be tough being in a minority click it it can seem like nobody else believes or feels the way you do because most people just nod, go with the flow, and keep their mouths shut in day to day life.

I was in traffic a while back and the minivan in front of me had one of those stick figure families on the back window of a woman and about 10 cats. Have had one bumper sticker and have it now. Momentary prideful weakness when I bought a bumper sticker with submarine dolphins.

The best one would be MYOB mind your own business. I was in my twenties and the pro-Iraq war fervor was still full-steam despite all the evidence surfacing against the original reason for starting it. My state was still gung-ho lockstep lemming Dubya supporters despite crucifying Bill Clinton on moral grounds for the Monica Lewinsky affair half a decade earlier.

Three thousand dead on a lie, who cares, that guy lied about fellatio! No caricature of Bush or anything insulting, just the block letters. Got some good reactions and chilly College Hookup Gay Republicans Suck Bumper Stickers. I just mostly keep my opinions to myself now, it creates less aggravation. I guess it is the same reason I wear shirts with the flying WV. I was swept up in the pro war fervor as well and found myself in Baghdad.

This LGBT-Bashing Bumper Sticker on a Pro-Trump Car Will Make You Sick | pokiesclub.club

Every time we ran a route clearance mission up to the route that bordered Sadr City, we got hit. We had just gotten back and were salty.

I proceeded to explain it to him and he continues to rant. I simply have Iraq and Afghanistan stickers on my truck now. Guess a prior operator had a sense of humor. I thought I was going to get run over, shot, and run over again. And the principle issue with Bubba Clinton was not that he got blown, but that he obstructed justice by lying to investigators, an action that would net a jail sentence for an ordinary citizen.

And it seems doubly strange that very few people bothered to consider a possible sexual harrassment angle when a man in his forties, in a position of power over a teenage girl, sleeps with her. There is indeed a correlation between quantity of bumper stickers and road rage.

The only 2 small stickers I have are for practical reasons. They both cover small imperfections on the bumper. You want to make your car a rolling canvas of political messages, whatever. Rude extroversion sums it up nicely. I put stickers on my van but nothing religious or political despite being very opinionated myself.

Rude extroversion combined with narcissism. People have been decorating and personalizing their transportation since, well, forever. I do think this type of behavior is intrinsic to how mankind or personkind has been for millennia.

We used to collect sea shells and rocks and spend hours drilling holes and attaching them to string to hang around our necks. This stuff is just cosmetic, just like the way we dress and some use makeup.

People want to show how they want others to view them. We see something College Hookup Gay Republicans Suck Bumper Stickers and we first pick it up and look at it to see what value College Hookup Gay Republicans Suck Bumper Stickers holds for oneself.

If we think it will improve or convey a message on what we want others to think we take advantage of the item. Most of what qualifies as a bumper sticker would be on the race car, because race car. I respect your opinion and your willingness to scare the crap out of any dudes who come to the house. People are weird about politics nowadays. Too out there and non-subtle for my taste.

I like the way people used to do this with hot rods — fill up the quarter and rear windows with stickers for tires, mufflers, cams, transmissions and intake manifolds. Just above the third brakelight, upside down, was a small sticker that said: Has her own gun now. I no longer have stickers on my car. I drive the upper midwest US equivalent of the silver diesel hatchback, a Pontiac G6. These things are like bellybuttons, so I use a couple of discreetly placed bumper stickers well, window clings, actually to help find my car in a near-sea of lookalikes.

Much like a tattoo, College Hookup Gay Republicans Suck Bumper Stickers have a hard time imagining what it is that I would proclaim to the world. Has your G6 got any electrical issues? I see lots of them driving around here in Ohio, in semi-clapped Targe-nearly-WarlMarks style — with like brake learn more here and headlamp issues.

Zelgadis — snow and road film has a way of coating the back of a vehicle. I do have a sweet spot for anyone with joke stick figure families, though…. Otherwise your ass gonna be SORE!

Their emergency flashers will be on all the time, or the brake lights are on constantly, or using an indicator will make the other lights not work. When I took my car to college, I put half a dozen bumper stickers on it so I could tell it apart from all the other red Sentras in the parking lot. The more crappier the car, the more stickers and stronger the opinion. Some North Americans take the right to an opinion much too seriously. They would be less cloying, if their opinions showed any sign of education.

Or to put it a bit differently: Why would anyone need appreciation and confirmation? Read more, I get it now! That bumper sticker is a weapon to you.

Hillary clinton republican

On the other hand, if those bumper stickers are weapons, maybe we either ban them or confine their use to well-regulated militia. And to think, I almost forgot that you are one of the few who are capable of reading. According to your own estimation, that is. But I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with you; I was raised to never fight a defenseless person. Or is it from a notebook full of this stuff you have saved up over the years, as another person conjectured?

If I were an intelligent gay person, I would be highly offended by your lackluster and obnoxious style of attacking anyone and everyone whom you deem to be insufficiently supportive of your viewpoints. Continue reading this is not a sexual orientation issue; this is an issue of obnoxious behavior and its rejection by people who find your lame snarkiness tedious and tendentious.

Back to you, Pch…entertain us with another display of misdirection to try to ignore the fact that it is you and your behavior that I object to, and not some lifestyle you consider yourself to be a champion of. And if you object to my ending a sentence with a preposition, the kind of rebuttal you excel at offering, then let me rewrite that last sentence: And compared to your attention span and your in ability to construct any logical argument in support of any position, just about everything College Hookup Gay Republicans Suck Bumper Stickers else says must seem long-winded to you in comparison.

Now watch for Pch finding some way to work the discussion into an argument about sexual discrimination.

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Unfortunately, there are people out there who think gays need to go back into the closet. Far be it from me to let something as inconsequential as the truth stop you from stoking your hate and spewing your vitriol. Tip of the hat. Above post was in the wrong place. Anyway I am glad that Gay people are getting equality.