Why Do Men Cheat On Their Pregnant Wives: Get Paid To Flirt!

Men Their On Pregnant Wives Why Do Cheat

Why Do Men Cheat?

Infidelity during pregnancy – Views by Dr. Frank Njenga

20 Dec Studies show that pregnancy does put men at a higher risk for infidelity. The weird thing is, men from the same study claimed that they all desired sex with their pregnant wives just as much, if not more, than they did prior to her becoming pregnant. In fact, many men say that they find their partners' pregnant. 1 Sep Research suggests that 1 in 10 men cheat when their spouses are pregnant with their child. What's the justification? A therapist tells us. Infidelity during pregnancy – why do some men stray, develop cheating tendencies and eventually become unfaithful to their wives when expecting a baby? Pregnant Magazine sought the views of Dr. Frank Njenga, a leading Nairobi-based Psychiatrist.

When is it done? These stunning middle-aged singletons are all on an elite dating website that rejects 'ugly' members but Even if he doesn't voice it, his actions would definitely reflect his half-heartedness, and this could lead him to seek not only an emotional anchor outside home but also a sexual partner. But the fact is — and this is good news for us ladies — the majority of men find their wives more sexually appealing when they are pregnant than ever before.

A Reddit thread recently revealed the most horrendous breakup stories, all of which involved cheating. One post in particular struck a nerve with all users. A woman who was seven-months pregnant found out that her partner was cheating on her through a letter in the mail with the entire texting history between her now ex-husband and his lover.

Why do you think people cheat on their pregnant partners? If your partner cheated on you while you were pregnant, what would you do? Share your insights with us in a comment below.

Why Do Men Cheat On Their Pregnant Wives

Another woman, Adele Barkey, discovered that her husband was cheating on her while she was pregnant. We were together on the night your son was born. The woman told her that her husband, Paul, had withdrawn money two months earlier, while she was pregnant with their son, Cain, as a deposit on an apartment he and his mistress were going to rent together.

Why Do Men Cheat On Their Pregnant Wives

A vicious blow to any woman, especially one who has just given birth. When Paul was asked about his infidelity, his answer shocked Barkey. Paul eventually admitted that he was cheating on his wife and the couple split.

But he blamed her for the infidelity. Why does this happen? Just when you were about to move onto the next big chapter of your life, with someone you love, your partner betrays you. Why would anyone do this? Why does this happen and how often do this occur?

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Is a man more likely to cheat when their wives are pregnant? Well, we can't tell for sure. Science says that it depends on the man. Expectant fathers fall into three http://pokiesclub.club/hookup-website/56545654h-dating-56545654a.php Type Z cheats or desires other women, Type Y wants his pregnant wife more than ever and Type X is a man who has a decreased sex drive and a lower risk of cheating on his wife.

Unfortunately, regardless of your partner's Type, a study showed that, yes, the risk of a man to cheat on his partner increases during pregnancy — even if he is satisfied in his marriage. Studies show that pregnancy does put men at a higher risk for infidelity.

Why some men cheat on their pregnant wives

The weird thing is, men from the same study claimed that they all desired sex with their pregnant wives just as much, if not more, than they did prior to her becoming pregnant.

So, why are these men cheating? A lack of sex and worry creates the perfect tincture for infidelity.

A variety of reasons could be the "cause" of men cheating on their http://pokiesclub.club/hookup-website/36943694z-dating-36943694c.php partners. When a woman is pregnant, her sex drive is lower because she feels like her body is less desirable, and is also just exhausted.

Her partner may also be too concerned with the health of the baby to be intimate with her. Scared into the arms of another.

Having a baby is scary.

That man is actually an animal that is specially created by God with self-control and so on. Or you want to get access to your kids' or employees phones? Adele Barkley and her ex-husband Paul, pictured at their blessing in Cardi B delights at rubbing shoulders with Vogue's Anna Wintour Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you?

You're concerned that your child is born healthy, and that you do a good job of keeping him or her that way. The general worry that coincides with having a baby can also be taking a tole on your partner and lead them astray.

What All Men Do When They're Cheating - Legit Hookup Site!

Psychiatrists further explain the phenomenon of cheating during pregnancy. This was the case with Troy. I wanted to feel important and valued He says he has no regrets. Cheating put into perspective. For married couples — generally — there is a six percent chance of infidelity occurring in any given year and a 25 percent chance of infidelity happening some time throughout the span of their marriage.

These statistics exist go here to major marital issues such as personality differences, sexual differences or even abuse. A cheater is a cheater no matter the circumstances. What do you do if you're pregnant and your significant other cheats on you? The next step, after finding out, is deciding if this is a person you want in your life and if you are willing to work through whatever it is that they are going through that made them cheat.

Or you can turn the page and move on without your partner. This will no doubt take some conversations with him, yourself and perhaps even a professional counselor.