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From Rio de Janeiro to Saint-Tropez, add a little sizzle to your next vacation by swinging by one of the world's 10 sexiest beaches. Rub shoulders with incognito celebs, VIPs and island hoppers and discover why Lonely Planet named Hvar one of its top destinations for Check out the 10 most underrated cities in. 14 Jun The beaches in Brazil are an added bonus to the million or so football fans traveling to South America for the World Cup. Nothing is more fun, relaxing and memorable than a genuine beach vacation full of golden sunshine, plenty of sand, warm waters and a wealth of adventure-filled beach activities. From the islands of the Caribbean to the shores of the South Pacific, here are some of the best sexy beaches in the world. Photo by.

There are beaches that are famous for these big waves beloved by surfers. There are others that are ideal for families. Others are known for their sexy atmosphere. Here are the top ten world sexiest beaches. Heaven exists and it is 22 flight hours, in half of the South Pacific and across the world.

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It is an island called Bora Bora belongs to the archipelago in French Polynesia. On this island, there is a beach that is called Matira where magnificent sunsets are you chilling and make this magical moment, not only by its light and color but also by the scent of tiare.

This is the most beautiful site I have ever seen in my life and one of the world sexiest beaches. The Greek island of Mykonos is home to one of the sexiest beaches in the world: On the beach, the Tropicana beach bar is recognized as the sexiest beach bar in the world.

The mercury seldom falls below 70 degrees, which makes both roads -- lined with nightclubs, discos and go-go bars -- a prime destination for partygoers. Black's Beach, California This secluded San Diego spot has a ahem very long history as a nudist beach--and remains unofficially clothing-optional. Ideal for those looking for a sense of freedom, beautiful beach babes, adventure, solitude and raw beach beauty, the beaches of Eleuthera are an excellent choice. Diani Beach, near Mombasa, Kenya: Select an image file on your computer max 4MB:

On this beach the celebration goes all day and night there. I love this beach, to the rock formations and clear water, you can go snorkeling for hours.

It is also perfect as a starting point for trips by kayak and explores other secluded coves that surround it. In summer, it is one of the busiest beaches in the area. Marinha hiking along the coast was, without a doubt was the highlight of my last trip and earn a spot as one the world sexiest beaches.

Within walking distance of restaurants, bars and trendy hotels of Miami Beach, South Beach is probably the most cosmopolitan of the United States. Its kilometers of golden sand together well-tanned beach lifeguards, Latin American stars, topless and European bodybuilding champions. Has always ranked among the sexiest beaches in the world, the famous Brazilian beach of Ipanema is known for tiny swimsuits worn by Brazilian beauties.

The World's 10 Sexiest Beaches

Holiday destination for partygoers and the rich and famous, the Spanish island of Ibiza has several beaches of note, including that of Las Salinas, the sexiest of the island. Las Salinas hosts well-heeled vacationers, celebrities, and partygoers.

With 22 beaches to thrill and titillate, St. The Fastest Way to Get Ripped. We reserve editorial discretion to decide what will be published.

Tahiti beach near St. Tropez on the French Riviera, brings starlets, supermodels, playboys and billionaires with little or no dress. This is the beach where Brigitte Bardot went into the film the movie that was known to the world: And God Created Woman.

Top 10 Sexiest Beaches In The World

There are many beautiful shells and starfish in the area. Playa Paraiso is part of a nature preserve, and thus is kept in a very natural state. There are no big constructions or hotels on the sand, only small snack bars, and a modest nautical center. It takes a few steps through rocks and bushes to reach the secluded beach of Saline, on the Caribbean island of St Barts. Nestled in a bay with turquoise waters, Saline is the rendezvous for lovers in search of tranquillity and some followers of naturism.

We could not ignore it…This beach is located on the north side of La Digue, a long stretch of perfect talcum-powder sand with huge granite boulders tumbling into the sea and swaying palm trees.

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Top 10 Sexiest Beaches In The World

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Duis tincidunt id mi quis blandit. Aenean dapibus, orci eu fermentum augue rutrum. Thursday, February 15, Top 10 world sexiest beaches There are beaches that are famous for these big waves beloved by surfers. Matira, November 17, The Largest Pool in The World: Link lacus dui, cursus a est vitae, rutrum scelerisque risus aliquam finibus.