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Christian Carter's Catch Him and Keep Him: Dating Advice for Women

Christian Carter - the man, the myth, the up and coming dating advice legend of Catch Him and Keep Him and the dating tip community in general. Christian Carter is a self-made dating & relationship guru (not to mention a TOTAL HOTTIE himself). Catch Him and Keep Him has ratings and 18 reviews. Juliana said: I can't believe women are willing to read this and think it is amazing. If women hav. Learn How To Instantly Make A Man Want To Get Close And Stay Close Forever.

If you were a man, would you want some other man revealing how we think and react in certain situations to the opposite sex?

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Defenseless toys to all the hungry women out there? Because men secretly WISH you could learn how they tick, and how you can make them fall in love with you. I wanted to know, so I actually bought the book and read it. I had to enter my name and e-mail address to be redirected to the next page, which contains a very solid video titled: Here I realized two important facts: So the risk was minimal.

The table of contents was very promising: Claiming to be an expert of the human mind myself, I had a pretty clear picture about how men think and WHY they tend to hide what they actually feel.

What surprised me was HOW you can use this knowledge to make a lasting connection click him.

Excellent read and very informing. I always use my American Express card, just in case. Well, even so, what is the reason why the aforementioned relationships did not work? Click is crazy because that is the very crux of their message — how you are unintentionally alienating your partner with your sad communication skills. I honeslty have to say I have experienced this first hand…everything I read made sense to me.

So much I can reveal: The author gives step-by-step instructions on how to do that. This first part has a lot more to offer. Part 1 gives you the inventory, the basic knowledge about how link understand men and their thinking.

I think that real players are very rare, and chances are not high that you will actually meet one. Part 2 is mainly about how to interpret and control your feelings, and how they influence the dating process.

I Catch Him And Keep Him By Christian Carter some solid tips on the nature of emotions, and the main mistakes women are making regarding this. Christian Carter also described a way in that a woman can help a man to reach his emotional potential so he can bond faster.

I LOVE cool girls. This is where all the theory is put into action. This is a list with all the traits in a woman that naturally attract men. I have to say that I agree with that list. I wish I could go here them all in one woman, never have. IF you have all these traits, then you ARE attractive, no matter what your looks are. On the other hand, what is the number 1 thing that drives men crazy and scares them off?

What I really liked was the list of questions to ask about the perfect man: These questions are important to determine IF a man meets your own honest expectations.

Catch Him And Keep Him By Christian Carter

That way you will minimize disappointment and frustration. There is a sentence Chris proposes to say to a man at the very beginning.

Catch Him And Keep Him By Christian Carter

Wow, I have to say, if a woman said that to me, I would certainly be surprised, if not stunned. Christian Carter closes the book with very solid PRACTICAL tips from how to start a conversation with a man, to that secret button which once pushed reveals what men really think and feel.

He even tells you exactly WHAT to say in every situation.

Why did the man whom I cherish and adore, the man who did so much for me feel this way? Are you questioning the intentions of your current guy? Then, the company starts charging your credit card and refuses to accept your cancellation, and asserts that they will continue to charge you because you were too late — even though you have cancelled.

The last chapter talks about how to keep a man attracted in a long term relationship. Long term relationships change with time. Never stop working on yourself, because:. I source that this can actually be a GOOD thing.

I also wish women knew. It would make certain things much easier. Sounds great, but does it actually live up to the hype? The Buying Process The actual buying process is simple: Now I had to enter my personal and credit card data on a secured page.

After that I was redirected to the download page where I immediately downloaded the book. The Book I am actually surprised how big the book was: I was very curious about part 1. Apart from that, part 1 was brilliant. Christian Carter lists examples and gives tips on how to avoid this. He continues with dating tips and places where to find suitable men. This is where I was surprised for the second time. I was very wrong.

This chapter alone is worth buying the book. Never stop working on yourself, because: Conclusion Would I recommend this book to women?

Is it me or is Christian Carter of "Catch Him and Keep Him" the devil? - Quirkyalone

I would even recommend it to men to better understand their nature. Is that a book for you?

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