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Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler

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The story traces the lives of Scarlett O'Hara, Rhett Butler, Ashley and Melanie Wilkes and the complex social and psychological factors that shape their aspirations, relationships and capacity for The quiet, idealized love between Ashley and Melanie is an exceptional example of Mental Love Level 7 in Scale of Romance. 28 Sep In Margaret Mitchell's Civil War–based epic, Scarlett O'Hara is infatuated with the dapper Ashley Wilkes, an archetypal antebellum Southern gentleman. But Ashley is in love with another belle. 3 Dec Someone as manipulative and selfish yet still indescribably charming as Gone with the Wind 's Scarlett O'Hara isn't meant for a typical love story. she managed to completely miss out on the fact that she'd already met the real man for her — lovable scoundrel Rhett Butler — even after he became her third.

Anna Dec 22, An instant classic and the most popular love story that has endured it's early years and has soared to the best-seller list many times. Scarlet O'Hara the brave, strong, beautiful woman both Ashley and Rhett can't help but love has been called the heroine of this famous story and movie. Her famous line, "Fiddle Dee Dee" is as popular as she is herself.

Did Scarlett O Hara Love Rhett Butler

However many of her characteristics are most desirable: Yet Rhett falls in love with this woman, some may say that it was her beauty and strong will that was the reason why Rhett loved Did Scarlett O Hara Love Rhett Butler but that isn't so. Rhett might have chosen her as his wife but that doesn't mean that she was completely in love with him. Her eyes were focused on a different sort of man and his name is Ashley Scarlet is never content with any man she married to which happened to be three times.

I don't know what Rhett saw in her, maybe it was beauty or just maybe her strong-willed character?! Circa last edited Dec 31, Who can adequately say whether anyone deserves their partner in this book? I mean Ashley repeatedly cheats on Melanie and Ms. O'hara only married to escape her family. The question is really whether Scarlett was right for Rhett, which for me the answer is yes and no.

Did Scarlett O Hara Love Rhett Butler

They have an undeniable chemistry and develop a solid friendship but both were horrible at communication and Scarlett wasn't emotionally mature enough to her own feelings for him until it was too late.

View all 19 comments. Lea Peeta's 1 Fangirl! Dec 22, Well in the beginning Rhett called her his "pet". I don't think that's love. I think Rhett loved her because they were so alike and she was strong willed and so unlike most women.

Through her sobs in the final scene, Scarlett begins to think of her home Tara, from which she has always gained strength, and determines that she will return there and will think of a way to get Rhett back. They each had good qualities and bad. I am rarely in a situation where I would refer to another person as a dickhead. The fear of rejection literally prompted him to be cruel and abusive toward her, eventually pushing her away.

View all 9 comments. Marie But he had a kind heart and was always there when anyone needed him. This is why I think Scarlet didn't deserve him at all.

If I am reading you wrong, then forgive me, but that is what you seemed to convey — a request for change. Rhett Butler is thought to be based on Mitchell's first husband, Red Upshaw. Aug 19,

Oct 26, Xenia Jun 15, I really do not like to connect the word deserving to this. Scarlett and Rhett, to me, were soul mates.

Unfortunately, Rhett met Scarlett while she was still going through a childhood crush on Ashley Wilkes. That crush could have been put to rest if Ashley was truthful with Scarlett from the beginning.

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Rhett's pride would not allow him to love her with his full being because he wanted Scarlett to come to him on her own. Yes, Rhett did show his love in many ways but a part of him held back. I don't blame him though for wanting Scarlett to come to the realization on her own that they belonged together. Both Rhett and Scarlett were horrible at communication and both were too prideful for their own good.

Lara Jan 02, It's been almost 10 years ago that I read this book but it left me with such a vivid realization of love and life and the human errors that can bring it much grief or human virtues that can bring it much happiness. Scarlet was too emotionally immature to deserve anyone.

She was a people user. Rhett grew both as a person and in his love for her, in the course of the story and was way emotionally ahead of her towards the end. They might have started out as a match but he grew and she didn't, so they were a mismatch by then of the story.

Click at this page Did Scarlett O Hara Love Rhett Butler, I have a belief that the writer of this book left us with a prediction of Rhetts return, through Scarlets closing remark Forbidden here edited Jan 13, No, Scarlett deserved someone who didn't abandon her when she most needed that person like he did.

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Someone who didn't rape her and threatened to crush her head. Rhett treated her horribly through the novel, but people think Scarlett didn't "deserve" him?

He was also a huge hypocrite, who praised Scarlett for being a rebel and non-conformist before they married, but then he expected her to be a typical lady of the South, a submissive woman. He just didn't respect her, he was unbeareable.

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The only quality was his love for Scarlett's children, that's it. Heather Dec 28, Honestly, I think they played well off of one another. Both had wonderful qualities about them, as well as some not so desirable qualities. All in all, I do believe that they would have been a wonderful couple together, had Scarlett seen earlier on she didn't love Ashley. Salma Apr 15, Yes, the two were definitely made for each other; they were both so much alike especially in their stubbornness. He loved her but was too stubborn to say it, she loved him but refused to acknowledge it even to herself until the end of the story, when it was too late.

Veronica Jan 09, Even though it is obvious that they are made for each other, she does not deserve him. He loved her while she threw it back at him. She had taken her obsession to a point where she even after the realization cannot win Rhett back. Scarlett is a great character who has faults and virtues in her but if asked whether she deserved Rhett, i would say no. For almost 10 years she had hurt Rhett, deceived Melanie, fooled around Ashley. Hence Did Scarlett O Hara Love Rhett Butler is better off without her.

Sarah Dec 31, Men want what they can't have so when Rhett saw this passionate, attractive, unattainable woman with far more character than most women in that generation demonstrated, he had to have her.

I would say that Scarlett prior to the war most definitely did not deserve Rhett, however by the end of the story she has seen and been through hell and done a lot of growing up. She has survived and thrived through extremely hard times and eventually grows Did Scarlett O Hara Love Rhett Butler recognize the love she has not been worthy of up until then. Its too bad she is too late, but yes I believe she does eventually deserve Rhett.

Vesna last edited Jun 09, Actually Scarlett really deserved Ashley. Even more, she and Ashley deserved each other. If they were living togehter, Ashley would have every day lived with a reminder, that he betrayed his beloved Melanie, and Scarlett would have lived with unequal partner.

They would have been punishment for each other. However, it doesn't mean but it's also not impossiblethat they would end up together.

They have a good chemistry, their characters match each other very well, but she just made too many mistakes. It's just too late. In my opinion the main idea of the book is, that we don't appreciate what we have, till we lose it. Anna Apr 25, I think Rhett was a beat blinded also see more her, as Scarlet was with Ashley.

She click here with him just as she was, and Rhett had always made a point of knowing the truth about her. She married him saying she was not in love with him. So, he expected from her more than she could give, and it was more than he thought he would need from her.

He was also very hard on her, cruel even. I would enjoyed so much a happy end. Amy Mar 24, Yes, Scarlett totally deserved Rhett. And I think Rhett deserved Scarlett.

We all know Scarlett was a bitch most of the time and too pig headed to admit her feelings for Rhett. She messed about for a decade and never actually admitted she loved him until right at the end. But there were many instances were Scarlett had missed him and resolved to tell him, only for Rhett to then knock her back.

There was so much point scoring between them. I found myself shouting at Scarlett 'tell him how you feel!! Rhett didnt want to admit he loved her because he knew she would take advantage. And Scarlett couldnt see that he loved her through his actions because she was so used to declarations of love albeit empty! Trikala Apr 15, In my opinion, Scarlet didn't deserve Rhett.

She's one helluva character no doubt, one with absolute grit, and determination.

But 10 years to recognise and acknowledge a man's love for her, is just too much, especially when his actions literally screamed insane love. Had she spent half the time in introspection, as she did obsessing over Ashley, it would've been a splendid tale of love, and passion.