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It's been 5 months and every day I have to see you I hate it because I just want to tell you how much I want you. I'm so fucking confused. From day 1 you talked to me and i let it be because I figured it was the nice guy thing you had to do since you work there. But your friends always look at me and i always. 28 Sep Keep anon. I don't know whats wrong with me anymore. Whenever i talk to him, all i think about is having sex with him. No strings attatched, no emotions etc just good rough sex. I'm usually very conservative when it comes to sex, but this is getting irresistible, literally want to rip off his clothes and do him in. 11 Apr You might think that fucking a guy is pretty straightforward, but if you want to be a great 'top' (the guy doing the fucking) it helps to know how the arse works. So before you start banging away, try reading our know your arse section. Once you know how the different muscles and shapes inside the arse work.

So me and this guy have been friends for quite a while now and we always flirt around in a playful way. But lately I've been getting thoughts in my head about having sex with him, because he always does this thing where his way of saying "hi" to me is by slapping my ass, and that makes me feel some type of way.

We always hint at sexual things and flirt but how do I go about with telling him I want to fuck him? He also always jokes about "one day me and you gon' end up somewhere together" but I don't know?

A Creepy Poetry Collection. I've never seen a girl come into visit but I've seen other front desk workers have their SO come in to say hi and stuff so I imagine he doesn't have one? Read Quotes from Holly.

Should I tell him how I feel or if not how do I stop feeling this way? Want to be friends? How about this get him away from people and say "Hey, do you. I am wet and ready I you want me. If he doesn't, then he isn't straight and you have a new shopping visit web page. I spent a night at his house and it just naturally happened, I didn't even have to tell him anything we were watching a movie and.

He is doubly lucky then. Good, I am I Want To Fuck A Guy it worked out well for you. So, when is round 2? Well played honey, well played. So, are you two going to be able to stay friends with benefits or are you already catching feelings? I feel as if we're closer friends actually, but no feelings.

A girl who knows what she wants. I hope he remembers that. If not, let me know. You're going to catch feelings that he may not reciprocate. I'm not of the opinion that females fall for every sex partner. But if she likes his company enough to actually be friends and she finds him sexy enough to sleep with, it's likely.

Next time he says "one day me and you gon' end up somewhere together" just respond with "When and where? Once you pop that question you can force him back onto it easily.

How about this get him away from people and say "Hey, do you. View your post below. Next time you go to the gym, wear the shortest gym shorts you can find. I won't lie I sometimes find it difficult to be just friends with guys I find attractive.

If I was momentarily embarrassed by her agreeing suddenly and I backed out, her saying to chick back when serious would give me the opportunity to re-approach her once I had gotten over my momentary embarrassment. If he really was kidding, saying check back if you are ever serious allows visit web page to just drop it and continue being friends.

Let us know how it works for you. You can't stop feeling this way once it goes it goes on and on until you do something about it which is pretty much nothing you can do since all you have in your mind is having sex with him right now lol. It's very courageous, respectable and very sexy for you to confess your feelings. Yes, it would I Want To Fuck A Guy embarrassing, but hey you showed some dominance, took the initiative and you should be proud of yourself despite what he is going to say at the end.

If a girl is going to be assertive, make the first move you gotta give her some time to get her courage together which can take days or a week, then she going to do it so just wait bro lol.

I spent the night at his and it just naturally escalated from netflix and chill, I didn't even have to tell him anything. Well next time he says something that might suggest he's flirting for sex, just say to him, "yeah promises promises" this way you are letting him know your on board without coming directly out with it, which saves any uncomfortable embarrassments, x. He's thought about plowing you more than once. Up to you if you want to take it there. He will go for sure.

Pray and set boundaries with him. Nothing else will curb your urges. Reaching out was the right first step. If he's slapping your ass and making those jokes, he source it as much as you do.

I know you wanna fuck me. Are you serious or is this a troll? If you're serious, then really, it can't get more evident than that.

I Want To Fuck A Guy

He wants to fuck you. He won't turn you down, and your friendship won't end. You can't really stop feeling that way.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend coming out with it directly.

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Just take the flirting to a higher level if you can, so that your intentions are clear, but you can still back down if it doesn't work, even if only awkwardly. I don't think you'll need to though.

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I really think you should figure out what you want from this thing. Just sex or something else. Or at least figure out that you don't know yet. Place a bet saying if this thing occurs he has to kiss you! After the I Want To Fuck A Guy invite to your house!

Why do you have to tell him. Just wear something provocative and encourage the flirting. He'll get the message.

Well you can be pretty direct, if he'll be interested he'll respond otherwise he'll politely refuse, you've got nothing to lose, I don't think he'll end the friendship because of it. Please GaG girls, tell me more about how girls and guys can be ''just friends''.

I won't lie I sometimes find it difficult to be just friends with guys I find attractive. It's not hard if I'm not attracted to the guy. If you're not attracted to the guy, then he is attracted to you, but he is not your friend. Just get him alone either at his place or yours and wrestle him to the ground.

Or you could smack his ass, he'll respond by smacking yours, then you stroke his crotch. At that point, it's ON! It happened naturally actually! I kept not wanting to tell him then one night I spent the night at his house and we were watching a movie and well, it happened: Girl if you want him im sure as hell if he's already feeling your ass he wants you to. Just make sure you use protection: This is exactly why I either won't date a guy with "close female friends" or those bitches have to go as soon as I step into the picture.

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Then Fuck you re close guy friend lol: Which of course I can understand, try to go baby steps with him. I mean his giving you sexual hints no? Do the same and see how he responds to it. Touch him more, flirt more, talk dirty to him more and see how it escalates. If you want to fuck him, by all means do. Stop all these questions in your head. I want to fuck my close guy friend? Hope he is as more info as you think he will be.

He's a lucky bastard. You make a good point: I'm going to still tell him. Don't tell him you want NSA if you don't, though. If you dig him, let him know. I can't see him as more than a friend, I just want to have sex with him. What Guys Said I think I'm going to tell him, hopefully he won't reject me, that'd be embarrassing: Oh my God, but what if he turns me down, what happens to our friendship then? I'm not trolling I promise, but I'm just anxious in case my approach goes wrong.

You can message him if you think you'll feel more comfortable in doing so.

I Want To Fuck A Guy

I think I'll say it to his face, thanks for the advice: But up to what level could I take it? Give me an example. I don't think so, guys usually don't pay much heed to it. How many rounds did you go?

What Girls Said 6. Flirt with him make a move see if it gets further than third base lol. I don't think he'd reject you. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.