Dirty Pick Up Lines For Your Girlfriend: Hookup!

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The Funniest Pick Up Lines!!

191+ Best Dirty Pick Up Lines for Girls to Use on Guys

My dick just died, can I bury it in your vagina? Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass! Hi, i'm a burgular and I'm gonna smash your back door in! You can call me "The Fireman".mainly because I turn the hoes on! I'm a zombie, can I eat you out? I wish you were soap so I could feel you all over me. 22 Feb These pick up lines are downright dirty and are known to set panties on fire. Yeah buddy, call the fire brigade, cause you'll be hosing them down. If you play your cards right and can keep your cool, you may very well be hitting the Jackpot continuously with these dirty pick up lines. Ka-ching Ka-ching. Dirty Pick Up Lines. Do you wash your clothes with Windex? Because I see mm used in your clothes tonight. 6. Touch your toes and I will show u where the rocket goes! Are you a builder? Cause you just formed a brick in my pants! 37 . What has four legs and doesn't have the most beautiful girl on it? My bed. Want to fix.

While you may have all of the confidence in the world, you may be lost for words once you walk up to him and open up your mouth. These are all fun and playful pick-up lines that are sure to make any man smile with excitement. Did continue reading work for you?

Let us know in a comments section below! What can you do? The simple answer is to use a pick-up line that is dirty, playful and a little fun. Then again, I would be too! How would you like to five finger dis-cunt? Because I can see myself in your pants. Do you want to do 68? Because we could go hump back at my place. Because you came in hot and left me wet.

95 Corny Pick Up Lines For Her ~ BECOME FLIRT EXPERT

My hands are cold. Can I stick them down your pants to warm them up? Now go to MY room! Well, you can come inside if you want to. Let me loosen it for you. Cause I want to turn you on! I prefer mine fertilized. Have we had sex before? We can add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs and multiply!

Because I believe you have a package for me. Do you want to use me as a blanket?

Dirty Pick Up Lines For Your Girlfriend

You lose, now take off your clothes. Come in me, if you want to live. Because you sure do give me a banana cream filling. I am hot, wet and ready for visitors. If you were, you would be hard and I could do you on a desk. Could you take a bath with me instead?

May I put them in your pants to warm up? I never become emotionally involved, everything is just physical. It takes a cup of you and me, kneading until hard and you have to serve it hot.


Do you mind if I test out the zipper? Do you want to see it? Do you want me to call you or just give you a nudge?

Dirty Pick Up Lines For Your Girlfriend

Pretend that my pants are France and feel free to invade. Would you like to?

Dirty Pick Up Lines – Hooking An Instant DTF

I can loosen them for you. No] You should be. You have been naked in my thoughts for hours. I will be your play toy for the night. Because you can be the meat between my buns!

Go to my room and take off your things! Because I can see your nuts!! Do you have the hot dog? Ok, wanna try stuffing my pussy anyway? I have an opening you can fill. No] Well, can I? Want to have some fun? Would you mind helping me out? Want to bring me back to your place to search for them? Want to give me another one?

Hey baby, what's your sign? Would you like a hotdog to go with those buns? Can I hide it inside you? How would you like one more? For dating advice and tips, check out our online guides:

Would you mind giving me a hand? Give me your honest opinion.

Why don't you surprise your roommate and not come home tonight? Pretend that my pants are France and feel free to invade. Do you run track? Are you a raisin? Do you have an Asian passport?

Do these feel real to you? Can I sleep with you tonight instead? Want to die happy tonight? Just help me remember. Because you can handle my wood. Every time I bite into you, you cream in my mouth.

If I sat on it.

Because I am going to blow you. I think I need a shot of penis-illin. I think I need to put your hose in my mouth to put out the fire. Luckily, I have a never-ending supply of cream for you. Would you mind riding me? Want to go back to my place? The Art of Dressing Well: Latest News on The Stallion Style.