Perks Of Dating A Sorority Girl: Adult Sex Hookup Sites!

Girl Perks Of Sorority Dating A

Hitting On College Sorority Girls

26 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Date A Frat Guy

7 Jan Two words: date functions. 3. She'll help you fool your parents into thinking that you're a functioning member of society. 4. When you screw up, there's an entire house full of girls with ideas on how to fix it. 5. She won't get (as) jealous when your house has a party with another sorority. 6. She's just as excited. 8 Mar When it comes to dating women in college, there really is nothing like a sorority girl. Of course, with sorority girls comes a specific set of rules. While every girl is going to feature different characteristics, each are going to live by specifics set out by their sorority. 7 Sep As a girl who's been in two pretty serious non-Greek relationships, believe me when I say that fraternity men do relationships (and everything else) better. He doesn't complain about formals, date nights, having to wear costumes, or anything like that. He gets why your little is literally the most important.

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Perks Of Dating A Sorority Girl

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Hitting On College Sorority Girls - Sex Hookups Free!

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Princess of Fashion Week! Forget the shelfie, now it's all about the 'fridgie': The notebook is used for writing ideas, reminders and to-do lists. But you'll never get rid of them because they're awesome. They take pledges when becoming a sister, and it is all about commitment.

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At least, this is true for most everyone outside of a sorority. PhiPhiFrat 4 years ago. Throughout college, it is incredibly easy for people to forget about taking care of themselves.

View this photo on Instagram. But you'll never get rid of them because they're awesome. You'll learn that hand signs are everything.

Even though you have no idea what they mean. You may initially make fun of it, but eventually you'll end up adopting the sorority squat. Your weekend calendar will always be full of activities. You'll realize that the bond between big and little is a strong one.

Perks Of Dating A Sorority Girl

You'll learn that the house mom is pretty much her on-campus mother. You'll realize that formals are pretty much the college equivalent of prom. You'll become her biggest fan at all her intramural games. You'll acquire more neon gear than you know what to do with.

Total Frat Move | 38 Reasons Every Guy Should Date A Sorority Girl

You inadvertently become familiar with the names of women's designers. You'll go to more themed events then you've ever been to before. You'll have more frocket shirts from her sorority functions than you know what to do with.

There will be plenty of philanthropy events to attend. And you'll actually enjoy them. Over time you realize that it will always be a part of her life. Yup, you made the right choice.