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BSIV 2017 Bajaj Pulsar 200NS launched at Price INR 96,453

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11 Dec The new TVS Apache RTR 4V is available in three basic variants- Carburetted, Fuel Injected, and Fuel Injected with ABS. Out of these, while the carburetted variant comes shod with TVS Remora tires, the Fuel Injected version gets Pirelli Tires. The top-end model also gets ABS. However, it is being said. 18 Jun Bajaj Pulsar 1.) Bajaj Pulsar F – model pulsar is one of the fastest and most popular performance based bike in India. Actually, it is so popular that for majority of Indian youth it is one of The Discover ST is available in four colours – Brilliant Blue, Midnight Black, Flame Red and Midnight Black. 24 Aug As the company has listed the upcoming motorcycle on its dedicated website, it reveals all the details along with specs and features. The company launched Apache RTR in the year however the arrival of ABS version was delayed because of the huge demand for the carburetted version.

Clash of the titans is describes this road test in the best way possible. Both the Pulsar and the Apache have a rich history in the Indian two-wheeler market and Bajaj and TVS have ensured that both these machines evolve for the better over time and now we have the Pulsar RS and the Apache RTR 4V vying for the top spot in the entry-level performance motorcycling segment.

The Pulsar RS has come a long way from the original Pulsar that was launched back in This time around, for all purposes, Bajaj wanted to make a statement with the RS and so it did! The styling is really loud.

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There is the fairing, the projector headlamps and way too many layers and lines for our liking. Along with the body graphics, it proves to be a bit over the top and suggests that the RS is trying too hard to stand out. The tail lamp design on the RS should try and prove my point here. And it's a very good thing! The naked streetfighter styling is aggressive and gives the Apache RTR a lean-mean look. The sculpted tank and the beautifully designed headlamp add solid muscle to the bike as well.

Both Bajaj and TVS have loaded these cc motorcycles with a variety of features. Both are easy to read on the move, with the IP on the Apache offering more information and more modes to measure acceleration, lap times and top speed. The switchgear on the Click at this page RS is backlit, All Dating Sites-available Apache 220 Model it easier to operate during the night.

Both motorcycles also feature DRLs upfront. Bajaj has also fitted the Pulsar with a Bosch single-channel ABS unit that links up with the front brake but more on that later. It is great to see that both the motorcycles have good fit and finish. There are no parts which stick out or look out of place. The quality of plastic on the switchgear on the Apache RTR could have been a shade better though.

Thumb the starter and you can immediately discern that the Apache RTR has a meatier exhaust note. Straightaway to the engines then!

It claims to have milage of 69kmpl which is powered by CC single-cylinder engine. There is stylish work of graphics that can be noticed all over the fuel tank, e. Needless to say, the motorcycles looks appealing with the said units. Quite interesting, isn't it! At a time when the cc segment was dominated solely by Bajaj Pulsar, it was TVS Apache that gave a serious threat to the former.

The Pulsar RS is the more powerful bike here with a This means that neither bike is a slouch. Both the engines have different characteristics.

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TVS says that it has tuned the engine to provide a solid grunt in the mid-range and there is no denying this. The punch on the Apache RTR between kmph is really, really sweet.

All Dating Sites-available Apache 220 Model

The engine is smooth and there are hardly any vibrations felt on the footpegs and the handlebars. The top end though is where it loses steam. And this is where the Pulsar RS takes the cake. The engine on the Bajaj loves being revved. Also, the clutch feel is lighter than on the Apache RTR The TVS gets a 5-speed gearbox while the Bajaj has an extra cog. Gearshifts are smooth and there is no fuss involved although, we did manage to find false neutrals on a couple of occasions on the RS It definitely accelerates faster and has a higher top-end.

Also, it is more involving to ride. Both the Bajaj and the TVS are All Dating Sites-available Apache 220 Model evenly when it comes to handling. Filtering through city traffic is a breeze. Around corners too the pair feels neutral and there is little drama.

Scraping pegs is an easy task. The grip generated is more than enough on both but the Pirellis give you that extra sense of confidence while cornering and braking hard. The suspension is a tad stiffer on the TVS therefore the ride quality too is stiff. The Pulsar gets a balanced suspension that irons out irregularities on the road effectively. The riding position is more committed on the RS and the seat too is firm.

The Apache has a more upright seating position and the seat is kinder to your bum on long rides. Braking is yet another aspect where both these motorcycles are evenly matched.

The Pulsar gets a single channel ABS on the front end.

The company Bajaj Auto is third largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. The Pulsar gets a single channel ABS on the front end. Around corners too the pair feels neutral and there is little drama. However, there are a few chances that the company may launch a more affordable version in order to bring the cost down and make the motorcycle more accessible. Price announcement very soon.

There is less progression though. The bite comes in at once. Not that it is a bad thing but might take some time getting used to. The brakes though are progressive and have a solid bite.

Stopping distanced on both of them are short and both the motorcycles hold their line well under hard braking. Entry-level performance bikes are dangerous waters to tread on. Manufacturers have to perfect the balance between practicality and sportiness without compromising on either.

The Apache RTR 's solid mid-range grunt is perhaps its biggest asset while the RS takes the cake when it comes to sheer performance. It is a very tough ask to pick a clear winner in this road test because these two motorcycles are so evenly matched that it boils down to a personal choice.

If you want to grab attention and want a more involving bike to ride, then it is the Pulsar RS you should put your money on. If minimalism is your thing and you wouldn't want to spend few extra All Dating Sites-available Apache 220 Model then the Apache RTR works just as fine. Bottom-line being, you won't be disappointed with either of them. Home Reviews Comparison Review: Jun 24, What is this all about? Click the following article the part The Pulsar RS has come a long way from the original Pulsar that was launched back in Bajaj Pulsar RS New Maruti Suzuki Swift.

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All Dating Sites-available Apache 220 Model

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