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How to Tell Your Parents You're Dating Someone They Hate

1 Aug As far as entering new romantic relationships when you're a parent, there seem to be two competing ideas about how to handle telling the kids. Many parents prefer not to tell their children about their new relationship until it becomes more serious, usually after a few months. That's normally my advice too. 18 Feb For many single parents, dating is exciting and scary at the same time. On one hand, you can hardly contain your enthusiasm for your new love interest. Yet, you may be plagued with questions about when and how to introduce your kids. Before you take that all-important step, consider this advice for dating. You cautiously introduced him to mom and dad as your "friend" at the school art festival. Their not-so-subtle reaction was easy to read: Your parents hate him. Whether they think that he's a "bad boy" type or simply don't think that he's right for their precious princess, telling your parents that you're dating someone they hate is.

They meet, and a few months later, introduce their new partner to their kids. When it works out, the kids benefit from having more adults in their lives. But what happens, as so often does, when the relationship breaks down? How do we help kids through these transitions and avoid instability? For the answer, I turned to Dr.

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Kristen Hadfield, a post-doctoral fellow I supervise at the Resilience Research Centre who has been doing research in the US, Ireland and Canada on mothers, stepparents and kids. First, parents are cycling in and out of romantic relationships at a higher rate than ever before. All those online dating sites are doing what they were intended to do. While there are no firm statistics on the number of lifetime partners of parents, we know that almost a third of live link are to single women and that their children are more likely than other kids to have a half- sibling by age Whether we want to admit it or not, children are going to experience instability as their parents go in search of romantic partners.

For example, Hadfield found that custodial parents wanted their new partners to take on a parenting role with their children, as well as being the parent's romantic partner.

How To Tell Your Parents You Are Dating Someone With A Kid

Strangely, Hadfield found that very few of the people she interviewed talked about money as the main reason for having here live in romantic partner. After the Relationship Ends: What do we Tell the Kids? The problem, of course, is what to do after the relationship breaks up?

Of course, this all depends on the strength of the relationship, the age of the child, and dozens of other factors.

In general, though, if the kid and the ex-partner were close, then parents should do what they can to make it easy for their child to stay connected. In truth, most ex-lovers are not going to want the contact. But for those who do, and feel connected, a few visits, birthday cards, and texts could make the transition a lot smoother for everyone involved.

Guidance for people who are dating someone with kids

Many parents prefer not to tell their children about their new relationship until it becomes more serious, usually after a few months. Kids, Hadfield says, may actually mistrust the new partner more if they feel like he or she was the reason their parent lied.

So which is better? Wait instead until the relationship is getting serious. As I mentioned earlier, custodial parents often want the stepparent to be a real parent with responsibilities for the kids. Most of the evidence suggests doing otherwise, especially if the child is over the age of 6. A friendly, supportive person who occasionally holds children to account for what they do.

If that source too weird, then at least realize that as a new person in the home, it's the adult who needs to adapt to the house rules rather than expecting the rules to adapt to them. It just means we need as adults to create as much stability as we can for kids over time.

How To Tell Your Parents You Are Dating Someone With A Kid

There are plenty of ways of helping children remain connected to other parent-figures even after relationships break down. I agree with the author that walking carefully into new relationship s is the best way to provide stability for children.

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Children become stressed about change and that definitely plays into their school world. This is a very well written article. I am an adult child of divorce and my step mother could have written the book on this. She was polite, caring and welcoming. However she knew I had my own mother and that she was not a replacement.

She also has 2 sons of her own and they accepted me like a sister. I have to say that my father did not make life easy for me, but she did her best to see that she made my experiences with her as stress free as possible. I have a lot of respect for her. At my age I may become a step parent at some point. This is a well written and instructive article. Get Listed on Psychology Today. Step Parent Submitted by Frieda on February 14, - 4: Post Comment Your name.

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I'm not saying you get to send them to their rooms or take away their phones. Most of the evidence suggests doing otherwise, especially if the child is over the age of 6. The emotional sensation that you get when you like someone is overwhelming. Here and divorced parents aren't there to give you a ready-made family.

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Say something like "There's a person at school named X and they are top of the class. Dating Statistics The Science of Love. Yes, I read the article. If knowing that your date is dealing with their ex on a regular basis makes you uncomfortable then maybe the relationship is not the right fit for you. If they are a good person and your mother likes them, there's a good chance she will let you date them.