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TJ Monterde - Dating Tayo (Official Music Video)

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Dating Tayo (Official Music Video) _ TJ Monterde with the special participation of MaiMai Cantillano Subscribe to our channel pokiesclub.club Download on Halsey" Filipino / Tagalog PARODY (Official Lyric Video) - Utang Lang Ang May Forever Words by Dimpztuh pokiesclub.club Instrumental. This Pin was discovered by Noeva Jumawan. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. Thanksgiving: Do we really understand what giving thanks means? Thanksgiving SongsCountry VideosKindness MattersSunday MusicMusic SingMusic Lyrics Greatest HitsFind MusicPractice Gratitude. Jewel - Hands (Official Video) "In the end only kindness matters.

Believe it or not, it rained beer at this event. Goliath performed at the extremely packed Matina Town Square. People were just way too excited about having this line-up outside of Manila that the link shook the place and probably drenched everyone who was holding their Red Horse beers.

The judges kept telling me backstage how good they were after the show and obviously, they won! Davao was packed with audiences who were Astronaut Dating Tayo Tj Lyrics A-z that the last national Champion, David vs.

Goliath came from their city and you can feel the Mindanao pride as they cheer on the fresh metal champs while they performed. Mayonnaise always manages to make the crowd sing — every single time.

After having seen a lot of their gigs I have to say link they are expert entertainers. If you look closely, you will see how much of an expert songwriter Monty Macalino is musically.

Gumamit lamang ng mild anti-bacterial soap. Bago ka magpadala sa excitement sa pagpapadutdot, siguraduhin mo muna na safe ang tattoo shop kung saan ka tatatuan. We all lived in the source area in Lagro, Quezon City which is our hometown. Ito ay pilosopiya na hindi nagpapatinag sa ibang paniniwala sa buhay.

Songs that sound simple and catchy on the surface is actually an enigma underneath. It was crazy and when Mark would signal the band to stop the music, it was amazing because the people were singing louder than he was! Although can you imagine how much wilder this gig would have been if both WilaBaliW and Greyhoundz were here too?

I actually crawled my way from back to front just to see how much action went on in the crowd. Yep, here I go again going right in the thick of the action. The venue is covered, so getting drenched is in the spirit of celebrating beer!

So, we conclude that this is the most memorable scenario we have so far. Sa kasalukuyan, si Patrimonio ang team manager ng Purefoods Star Hotshots. Maraming matutunan hindi lang sa music pati narin sa pag discipline sa oras, bandmates, at iba pa. Tinapos ng scholar ang kanyang basketball career bilang pang-anim sa leading scorer na may 12, total points, ikalima sa all-time best rebounder 5,at pangalawa sa shotblocks 1,

I mean, how often do you get rained on by beer? Not always, but you remember it everytime right?

Astronaut Dating Tayo Tj Lyrics A-z

When you hear the name "Pepe Smith", the words 'dramatic actor' are far, far down the list of things you would associate with the rock legend. And with the release of the indie film "Above the Clouds", indie actor is another Astronaut Dating Tayo Tj Lyrics A-z 65 years-old Pepe Smith can carve into his belt.

Set in the Mountain Province, "Above the Clouds" is a tale of Andy, a young man seeking to overcome his own personal grief with the help of his grandfather who has been estranged from him for most of his life. Pepe Smith plays Andy's grandfather, seen early in the movie as an emotionally distant father figure but evolves into Andy's endearing travelling companion.

Their journey begins as they set foot on the mystical mountains,hiking their way up the summit, a trek thet sets off personal revelations anf heartfelt discoveries within the unlikely pair. Pepe Smith's renegade personality is given a different spin in this groundbreaking film.

Director Pepe Diokno himself is pleasantly surprised by the musician's acting chops. Diokno, an auteur best known for his award winning film Engkwentro, wrote the script with Smith in mind. Appropriately enough, the granddaddy of all pinoy rockers plays the surviving father figure of the character the viewers will latch on to, the humanizing aspect of a strange and mysterious adventure. Even in this film, Pepe smith manages to make his own personality pop out of the screen. The movie ends with characters forever changed and endeared towards each other: Andy embraces his grief and sees the world as a man, and Pepe Smith, initially world weary, finds new meaning as Andy's lolo.

And even the viewer's perception who merely sees Smith as a rockstar is cinvinced that there's far, far more to his hard partying persona than what is seen on stage. And just like his life as a rock legend, Pepe Smith goes above and Astronaut Dating Tayo Tj Lyrics A-z expectations in his first acting endeavor. Truly, " Above the Clouds" is aptly titled for the musician's first acting endeavor. Mally Paraguya and the rest of the band ended up just drinking with the promoters at the venue, sad that they weren't able to play because Karl wasn't around.

Then suddenly, Karl miraculously appeared late in see more evening while they were all drinking.

Astronaut Dating Tayo Tj Lyrics A-z

Some say he didn't have a ticket and yet he still ended up being allowed on the next flight. He was "the" Karl Roy after all.

TJ Monterde - Dating Tayo [Lyrics] - Free Hookups Sites!

If you knew him personally, he's the nicest, sweetest, most genuine guy that if I were the ground read article in an airline I would have moved him on to the next flight for free.

They all, despite the circumstance magically get to their destination. Which brings me to my first theory: I never missed a flight in my whole life. So when I arrived at the airport, I saw Kjwan hanging out outside. It was a little over an hour left before our flight and they hadn't checked in yet. There were many people queued in the Davao lane. Then there was a minor power outage inside the airport, which seemed like all computer activity was at a standstill, so we were in the clearing, haha and made it inside minutes before boarding time.

Still skeptical about this theory about how the plane always waits for rockstars, it will be proven right by a really nerve-wracking circumstance later in this post. And when you mix several artists in one trip, you get a memorable story. Which brings me to my next lesson. Marc Abaya told me about the first time Kjwan was in Davao.

On their way home they were so hammered from the previous night's partying that as soon as the plane started moving all of them were fast asleep, except Boogie, who I think halfway the trip was walking along the aisle, passed out and fell to everyone's shock.

Flight attendants took care of the handsome guitarist as he woke up with bruises on the side of his face, not knowing what happened, including his bandmates who were still enjoying continue reading. Now Kjwan are pros in travelling, and masters in partying. As seen by these two smiling. Speaking of mastering the art of work and play, the next thing I found out about this trip is that Slapshock Astronaut Dating Tayo Tj Lyrics A-z be hilarious.

I had the lovely opportunity to go with Slapshock on their radio tour.

Davao drenched in Beer at the Red Horse Muziklaban Semis | Red Horse Beer

We went to three radio stations and went inside a mall where they had a massive security escort. If you were with them you'd wonder if they had room for fun in their heads when they're on tour.

From the outside Slapshock looks scary in their dark vests and jackets, and they perform with such a surgically menacing force at every gig that you wonder if these guys ever have fun just for the sake of having fun….

As one of the most hard working bands, guitarist Lean Ansing has told me that there was a time that someone from the audience shouted, "Ngumiti naman kayo! When they were asked to write down their names they deliberately changed the spelling of some of their members, and the names CHE Evora and Lee MADELA was announced on air while everyone suppressed a chuckle.

Jamir started talking to the man, who probably doesn't know that Jamir's brother, Chris Garcia, is a world renowned tattoo artist. Apparently he was one of the people who installed the station's go here, and was proud of being part of it. I guess it ain't Love Radio for nothing. Of course the main reason we're all here is for the party, which carried over into the wee hours of the morning.

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There is no avoiding. In that gap between the after party which lasted til the break of dawn, something happened that ended up being a big morning mystery. As we were having breakfast, Pat Pulumbarit, Razorback's manager got a call from Kevin Roy that Tirso Ripoll ran out of water while he taking a shower. The front desk said that last night there were two drunk guys who probably accidentally left a switch on outside the hotel.

The only two people up after the party were Kevin and Marc. So anyway, whatever the reason was for the lack of water supply, it was the first time in Razorback history that Tirso was late. It all seemed like this highly choreographed prank orchestrated the night before which nobody remembered. We were all laughing that it was highly probable that Marc and Kevin were the culprit.

You know how I am with punctuality at airports. It was that morning I decided I would hitch with Razorback and panicked when it was a little over an hour left before our flight and we were still at the Astronaut Dating Tayo Tj Lyrics A-z. Then I started hearing jokes about how last night they wanted to get their bandmate Manuel drunk so he would miss his flight and that they would all just pitch in to pay to rebook it.

I felt that maybe if they missed this flight it wouldn't be a big deal. Like I said earlier in this post, I never missed a flight in my life, so that last hour heading to the airport was a brewing nightmare for me, haha. Yet, everyone still remained relaxed and quiet, which was, in reality, one of the most important lessons in touring with these bands:. You don't get into the inner circle of musicians if they haven't made fun or played a prank on you. I sat beside Kevin Roy in the van who was pulling the weird seatbelt that Louie was sitting on which made him uncomfortable.

Having excess morning energy he noticed that I was nervous as I began to address my "light" concerns about not making it to the flight. Everyone said that I'm just not used to the whole process since it's my first time to fly out with Razorback. As soon as we arrived at the airport, I was going to go down in haste hoping I could check in myself when Kevin Astronaut Dating Tayo Tj Lyrics A-z was pulling the end of my backpack, like I was a little schoolgirl telling me, the plane isn't going to leave and that I shouldn't go down yet, hahaha.

My theory that rockstars are never late was never so true in this case. I had never been so wrong to doubt these musicians. Of course we were the last to check in. Patrick Pulumbarit, Astronaut Dating Tayo Tj Lyrics A-z manager said that they will try to request that I go on another flight with Razorback soon, only to terrorize me, haha.

Kevin's last words to everyone as I took this photo: Pretty much sums up what we should aim Tiener Slaapkamer And Sober Single Hookup this Holiday Season.

We are at an age of huge concerts and massive festivals headlined by industry monoliths which made touring in a handful of dates every year at large arenas. Rock has never been more popular, and more successful than it has in more than a decade. Yet as events grow larger and larger, we forget the essence of rock and roll as some of the musicians we wish to see and hear make a fleeting appearance on these big events.

As this continues, what happens is that the gap between artist and audience have never been greater. Yet being on the ground is something that Red Horse is known for, as every year they skim through all applications of aspiring Muziklaban champions nationwide.

With that spirit, instead of asking people to go and watch a gig, this time around, the gig is delivered to them. Last December 13,the people who were watching the sun go down along Baywalk in Roxas Boulevard by the Manila Bay were in for a big surprise. The crowd started piling up as soon as the performance started. Because the gig was beside the street, traffic started to pile up too since we know some drivers have a tendency to find out what's happening if there's a lot of people in an area.

Kjwan played an acoustic set with all of their hits and rocker parents who were there with their kids couldn't resist to stop and watch. I'm a born and bred authentic Old Manila girl and I actually walked to this spot from my house and seeing a rock band perform for the people in a well known Filipino landmark just permanently marked the spirit of Pinoy rock in our blood.