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Hookup San Theft Grand Millie Andreas Auto

GTA: San Andreas - Mission #97: Millie Perkins's Card [HD]

Ook, I currently have Denise as a girlfriend, but I am wonderin if there is a way to prevent bein dumped by her, when I have to be absent from Los Santos later on in the game. As in, I still wanna come back to Los Santos late in the game and still find her there. Any help/advice? (P.S. - Apparently findin all the. 13 Aug Girlfriends are another new feature that has been added into San Andreas. During the course of the game, you can hook up with several girls (6 in total) but with some of them you might need certain prerequisites before you can start going out with them. For example, Michelle prefers guys who are real fat. 12 Jun For Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PC, Game Script by Omah. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game Script Los Santos Missions (AREA) Opening Movie (On screen) Francis INTL. Airport, Liberty City, CJ is at /// MISSION\\\ CJ walks into the bedroom with Denise inside it. DENISE Oh God.

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Police appear but ignore C. More importantly, wherever you go, things are less shaded some even bleached- looking, like some of the U. After nearly 40 years, it was destroyed in You will also be able to use her Bandito car. It's also used in "Black Project.

Millie Perkins dating help 0. Millie Perkins dating help. Aug 16, 05 at 2: Neolife 3 total posts: It would be handy if you guys provided some help as well as just a link.

Get a permanent haircut then get tattoos, or remove all tattoos before getting a haircut, or a haircut makes the Sex Appeal points gotten from getting tattoos disappear. To get this date, wear the gimp suit. Appearance s Grand Theft Auto: Since the subject of cocaine comes up in this and here last GTA it's what Vice City hidden packages contained, etc. Wear good clothes and keep a lot of cash to increase sex appeal in the game.

They're using a feature from the NeoPortals to make a thread if it has "This information came from a NeoPortal" at the bottom of them. Siha CruisiN' total posts: Girlfriends kind of "get stuck".

GTA San Andreas Perfect Date with Millie Perkins - Dating Chatroom!

It's almost like a game glitch, but not quite. Try getting wasted or busted and look for her again. Sometimes this "resets" the game a bit and they show back up.

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Millie is first met in a mission in Las Venturas. Pose as a gimp and make sure you have a lot of sex appeal. Jump to another forum: World Crash Bandicoot N.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Hookup Millie

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Hookup Millie

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