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The Dating Den - Should you date a guy who is separated but not yet divorced?

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27 Mar Separation advice: This article gives tips to help you figure out if you're ready to date during your separation, and how to get the most out of dating if you decide to take You're dealing with a whole range of feelings, not to mention all the practicalities of living apart from your spouse for the first time in years. When you start dating someone else while you are separated, you make reconciliation more difficult. The more This book deals with the question of dating while separated, how to relate to your children during this time, and ways to improve communication. HUSBAND SEPARATED – Can He Attend a Single's Group?. 9 Nov My husband is 34, I'm We had been together 4 years, and married not even a year when I found out he was talking to a 22 year old. We are now legally separated and have a son together. His choice on the separation. He basically lives with this girl, who has a daughter our sons age, and who also.

Separated from wife, got involved with someone else, should I reconcile with my wife? April 23, During that time I got involved with My Husband And I Are Separated He Is Dating else, but now I'm thinking about going back to my wife. Please tell me I'm not making a mistake. We live near each other, and I see my eight year old daughter a few times a week, including one weekend night and day.

My daughter seems to have adjusted very well, and very quickly - in fact recently telling me that she likes having two houses, and having the undivided attention of each parent.

We are good, attentive parents, and give her plenty of love and attention. However I find myself missing her quite a bit, and I worry about the long term impact on her should the separation become permanent. The separation was my choice, but we each had our parts to play in the events leading up to it.

For years I felt there was something missing, even before we were married, but I mistakenly did not seek counseling or do the necessary introspection to find out what it was. She has a history of abuse, and often pulls away when I want to cuddle or snuggle. On the other hand, in every learn more here way things are very good. The only other issue on her part is a tendency to be controlling and defensive, which is an expression of insecurities.

I certainly have my issues as well, and I can easily point to where I went wrong. I have preferred to bottle up my pain and suffer in silence than rock the boat. Over the last few years, as I became unhappier, I finally started telling her what was going on with me learn more here but it was too little, too late.

I chose the latter, and we moved apart. We are originally from the US, but the country we moved to three years ago, and are still in, only allows divorce after two years of separation.

After living on my own for a few months, I became involved with a woman who I had known for about a year prior as a friend only. Every relationship is a risk after all.

Which brings me to my conclusion. Despite all this, I still feel compelled to break up with her and go back to my wife. My wife does not know I am dating someone else - she has never asked, and I have never told. The problem is that my wife has, on multiple occasions, threatened to leave this country, and move back to the US with my daughter. No doubt I could exert some legal rights, but I have no wish to rake my daughter over the coals with a battle over where to live, or over the fact that I dated someone else.

My wife only remains here in the hope that we will go into counseling and work things out. She hates being a secret and I hate having onebut if my wife finds out then I am certain she will leave the country, which isn't in the best interests of my daughter.

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I'm basically buying time. This situation cannot endure, and any course of action will have consequences and leave me with regrets. And if not, at least I tried - right? I have no illusions that it will be easy, particularly now when the bar has been raised - which means I might feel resentful. Ah therapy, here I come again I was about to break up with my girlfriend, until I decided to post here first.

Thanks a million for reading all this! I'm sorry you are struggling. I think you owe it to your girlfriend to take a break. You don't seem to know what you want and it's unfair to have her continue to invest in the relationship when you're so confused.

For the sake of your wife and daughter, please do more therapy. Ask your wife for more time to work on things.

And then figure out if that's what you want to do. Before going back, you may want to work on couples therapy for a while. Getting read more together - in any way - may be very confusing for your daughter.

It sounds like you didn't give yourself much time to get used to the separation and that you moved into another relationship quickly. It may be that you need more time to process things.

Again, be the model of healthy behaviour here. Each woman is connected to the man but they are not usually connected to each other. Post Comment Your name.

I say this not as a criticism or as encouragement to go with either relationship or to do anything at all. But maybe you need some time for quiet reflection to figure out what you do want and need in a partner. I'm honestly curious about this-- is she "threatening," or just stating that source would be her intention?

Is there a good reason for her to stay in the country if you divorce?

Allow your child to voice concerns and emotions without fear of punishment. My counselor has recommended the same. That doesn't sound like a decision you will be happy with in the future.

Is she only there because you have continue reading wonderful job there and My Husband And I Are Separated He Is Dating married to you? I'm not trying to imply that you're making things up, just wondering if what she's saying in anger is less a threat than just a heated admission of what she would do if she didn't feel compelled to stay in your country.

Or she really could be threatening you, of course. I just mention it because in the case that this is what happens, it might be good to have a clear head about her motivations. If she has friends and family in the US she'd be relieved to return to, for instance.

People are typically pretty divided on the "stay for the kids" issue. If you plan to divorce once your daughter is an adult, then I think you should leave. Parents divorcing is hard when you're older, too. If you want to stay for the long haul, I honestly don't know-- you don't sound very happy, and sex is a big deal. How much contact have you had since your separation? Would couples therapy be possible? On preview, I agree that the latest relationship could potentially be a rebound-- you're definitely still feeling rebound feelings.

I think you need a breather and a chance to work things out with your wife as well. I don't think you should get back together with your wife. You aren't getting back together with her because you love her and want to be with her. You are getting back together with her because you are afraid of what will happen if you don't, and for your daughter's sake. You are going to sacrifice something that is probably important to you sexual fulfillment and physical intimacy in order to do this.

That doesn't sound like a decision you will be happy with in the future. Getting back together with your wife for the wrong reasons seems unwise, especially when you've found someone whose company you are truly enjoying. You are considering going back to your wife for the sole reason that you miss your daughter, and you are worried your wife will take article source daughter away?

Those don't seem like good reasons to engage in a relationship with an adult human being who is not the one you miss and worry about.

My Husband And I Are Separated He Is Dating

I don't know what the solution is, but I don't think this is it. My Husband And I Are Separated He Is Dating know, I personally will tell you that anyone can live without sex, and love, and y'know, emotional and spiritual fulfillment.

Lots of people do. It's not easy as such, but You can kill little or big parts of yourself, and the funny thing is that it's not as hard to do that as you may think. You daughter can provide you with affection, and you can have friends, and you can masturbate, or perhaps you can find religion.

What you most likely can't do is get your wife to become 'a teenager', but then them's the breaks, right? You probably only have years of lively sexuality left in any case, and what's 30 years to sacrifice for a child, when most parents would die for their offpsring?

I mean, this is all a possible line of thought you could have. The thing I'm implying here is that the only way you can honestly do this is if you have zero expectation of fixing your relationship, if by 'fixing' one means 'having a sexual relationship' with your wife. Like I said, this is not cancer-- and one can even survive cancer. If one approaches life as something to grit your teeth and accept rather than avoid facinglots of things become bearable.

You may miraculously find your wife is open to change-- but you can't expect it, article source such, if you are to commit yourself to this course of action.

I suggest that going into it just to know you've 'tried' is not something that'll help your daughter, but rather reassure you personally.

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If your daughter is appearing to deal with it, then I suggest that perhaps you're underestimating her resilience. If your wife wants to return to the US and you're afraid to leave your daughter, I suggest you can also move back to the US without getting back together with her; I further suggest that would be a lesser sacrifice than a sexless marriage for the rest of your life-- though as I said, no one actually needs sex to survive, so maybe that's fine, as in you will survive it.

I will lastly suggest that if your current girlfriend is fully committed to you, you can move back to the US with her and do your best to continue joint custody. There are always more options that it appears. A lot of them require compromise, and some require sacrifice.

My Husband And I Are Separated He Is Dating

The thing about sacrifice is that it's only worth making with both eyes open. It's not worth giving up your sex life and apparently healthy romantic relationship with your girlfriend for a pretty fantasy that your wife will one day wake up horny. It may be worth it to you to give it up, knowing that you'll just get to enjoy being great roommates with your wife and a good father to your child. I mean, I don't know it-- I know how hard it is to find a really good friend and roommate it's hard to find friends one can live with.

On the other hand, a good friend doesn't threaten you or intend to take away a person who's important to you your daughter ; a good friend would want to compromise, not play emotional games. But we all have different ideas of friendship; your wife, however, probably thinks she's your wife, not your friend, and her 'teenager' comment suggests she's built her identity as an adult around her current sexuality, and feels no need to change.

Click the following article you're ok with the way My Husband And I Are Separated He Is Dating is, then embrace it. Instead of her, you may find that you yourself may change. People find they need a lot less than they thought, you know.

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Having one person, a child, to love-- that's enough in itself for many people. Or rather, they tell themselves it's enough.