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I Married a Man Almost Twice My Age

5 Feb Another lesson in dating: a fling with someone in your professional/personal circle is more often than not bad news. Older guys instantly thought they had a shot. Some guys my age made fun of me. Women judged me as having an ulterior, economic motive: “She just dated him for his money,” or “She. 19 Nov "It wasn't the best or entirely appropriate," year-old Shears recalls. "I was lucky in the fact that I didn't feel taken advantage of.". 13 Jun Ms. Lynn suggests using the dinner to ask the man about his life, his interests and his goals. She says it is completely acceptable for a parent to take the man aside and lay down the law. "Say 'Look, you're a nice guy and my daughter's a nice girl and if you want to come back in 10 years when she's an adult.

I am 28 years old and I am dating a year-old guy. We have been dating for two years.

The being an "older father" and him being "elderly" whilst you're still relatively young WOULD bother me, but then again I'm not in love with him- only you can decide if these things don't bother you enough to consider. I see dating as going out with someone, learning about one likes and dislikes, and the same of the dating partner. Olympics open sub categories. I was not one. First Previous Next Last Go to page.

He has a good job and is established in his career. He is mature and focused unlike link my age. My only problem is I feel shy about being seen with him because people have preconceived notions about a young woman dating an older guy.

We are also talking marriage, but I worry that if I take him home my parents might reject him on the basis of his age. I am also not sure if there are any disadvantages to having a big age gap between us. How can I overcome my shyness and be proud of him?

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How can I convince my parents that he is good for me despite the age difference? As long as your reasons for being with him go beyond him having a good job and being established All this is fleeting I would say if you love him, if you can see yourself still in love with him five years from now when, then I say go ahead.

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No one can help you through this but you…and if this continues I suggest you leave him be so that he can find a wife because clearly that is what he wants. What do you want? Age is nothing but a number and life is too short to think about other people. Two years is too long to be unsure.

You are not being fair to him. Secondly, one of the challenges that couples with a big age difference face is what I would call a generational gap, and this is what you are afraid of. In my humble opinion, for a marriage to be healthy and long-lasting, the read more gap of the partners should not be more than 10 years.

When I was 16, I would never have turned away an older guy. I would quickly tire of someone who would not be an equal partner. The needs of adolescents and grown men are different and without discussion and advice, they are often unable to understand how these differences lead to misunderstanding. If you love each other and have such a wonderful "connection", and feel you want to be with him then go for it. In the US we make fun of backwards Southern states that have awful laws though none of them have an age of consent of

There are many single men in their thirties who are successful in their careers and focused too. Why do you feel ashamed of being seen with him? Are you with him for the right reasons? To get close to half a decade without a family is questionable. On the other hand, as long as you love someone, whatever others think or feel about it, is their problem.

The fact that you are not proud of him and are afraid of being seen with him, makes me wonder if at all you are truly committed to him.

You cannot just have realised that he is way click than you and that your parents might oppose your relationship after two years. You have known this all along, so if you truly want him in your life, you need to stand up and tell the world that he is the man who makes you glow and keeps you happy. If you do not defend each other now, you will not have a fruitful union in future.

Stand up and fight for your man or terminate the relationship. I separated with the father of my daughter last year after five years with him. My daughter keeps asking me for her dad.

She even wakes up at night crying for him. She is turning five in July.

My Son Is Dating A Man Twice His Age

In any case he does not contribute towards her upkeep. It makes me feel even more resentful towards him. Please reassure me that it is okay for me to keep my daughter from her deadbeat father and tell me what can I tell my daughter to keep her from asking for him?

My Son Is Dating A Man Twice His Age

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